Long ago, on a website far away, a man named dev/akm made a list called TOTO (The Oblivion Texture Overhaul); its intent was to be "a guide to a lot of great mods that improve the appearance of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion." Unfortunately, dev became busy with other things, and the site fell into disuse and gradually became outdated.

And that's where this site comes in. The Elder Scrolls Texture Guide (TESTG) will pick up where TOTO left off, but it will be much expanded - instead of just listing the texture mods *I* think are the best, I'm going to list them all and let *you* pick what you want. I'm not above giving my opinion, of course, but I'll try to keep my comments fair. :) That said, I'm only including serious mods here. I will not, for example, list a mod that changes Masser to look like the Death Star (yes, there are a couple of them). I'm sure some folks would find it amusing - and I'm certainly not bashing on it - but that wouldn't fit the tone of this site.

This site covers all the Elder Scrolls games - Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, to make it useful to past and future players as well as current ones. It's still under development. Each page on the side bar has a list of texture replacers, with links and a brief description. I hope to add more detailed descriptions, screenshots, and discussions as time goes on.

The navigation bar is both to the left and across the top. Start with General Information to get an understanding of common terms and concepts (they can be trickier than you think), glance over the Utilities for some useful tools, and then proceed to the Oblivion game section where more specific information on each category topic is available. The Morrowind and Skyrim sections have similar pages with mods specific to those games, but without the subject matter discussion. Don't forget to check back later as your needs change.

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