Reference Location Submissions

Everyone is encouraged to submit Reference Locations (RefLocs) that will showcase the particular characteristics of the {$title} category.

  • Locations should have as many different instances of the {$title} texture type represented as possible.
  • Reference location submissions should contain all the Actor Loc, Heading, and Pos lines from the SDT31Data display.
  • Please note the default data display when you toggle on 'tdt' is SDT0, which does not use the same coordinate system as STD31.

Detailed instructions are in the General Information article Taking Comparison Images.
Images submitted for comparisons should be in JPG format and conform to the guidelines presented in the same article.

Reference Locations Table
Ref World Location Heading Position Map image
{$ref} {$world} {$location} {$heading} {$position} {$map-image}
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