Morrowind Environment

Link Author Description Screenshots
Caverns Bump Mapped Lougian Hi-res textures with bump maps.
Cool Caves -Bro- Wollibeebee High-res textures for caves and cave rocks.


Link Author Description Screenshots
Ascadian Isles Plants rhymer High-res replacer for kanet, comberry, and heather
Ashlands Trees Wolli Unique trees for the Ashlands
AST Comberry Texture Replacer Asis High-res texture replacer
Better Trees RazorJack High-poly versions of many trees
Bloatspore retexture Lougian Hi-res textures with option of glow or reflection map.
Bob's Leaf Retexture for Vality's Ascadian Isles bobbyx New leaf textures
Plant Life Retexture bloodinfested High-res texture replacer
Regional Tree Replacer Wolli Unique trees for Ash Lands, Molag Amur, and Red Mountain regions
Tree Replacer - Grazelands starwarsguy9875 Better looking trees
Vurt's Ascadian Isles Trees Replacer Vurt New tree models
Vurt's Bitter Coast Trees Vurt New tree models
Vurt's Grazeland Trees Vurt New tree models
Vurt's Leafy West Gash Vurt New tree models, animated + falling leaves
Vurt's Mournhold Trees Vurt New tree models
Vurt's Solstheim Tree Replacer Vurt New tree models
Vurt's Tree Texture Overhaul Vurt High-res replacer for Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal


Link Author Description Screenshots
Better Lava deamon2000 More detailed lava
Craggy Lava CptJoker High-res texture replacer
Vurt's Lava and Smoke Vurt Four lava textures, smoke texture


Link Author Description Screenshots
Alternate Sky Textures Dreamora New sky textures (daylight only)
AOF Skies AnOldFriend Cloud textures
New Moons doccolinni High-res replacer
Subtle Sunglare for Morrowind CptJoker Sunglare textures
SWG's Skies starwarsguy9875 Modifies day/night sky, all weather types
Vurt's Hi-Res Skies and Weathers Vurt High-res texture replacer


Link Author Description Screenshots
AOF Waterfalls AnOldFriend New textures/models for water
Emberwake's No Scum Emberwake Removes scum from water in the swamps
Waterfalls Retexture Lougian Hi-res texture with bump map.
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