Morrowind Weapons

Link Author Description Screenshots
Auriel's Bow Replacer Karpik777 New mesh + textures
Baldurian's Transparent Glass Weapons Baldurian Makes glass weapons transparent
Better Sword of White Woe ghost_-_ruler Makes the sword white
Better Texture for Bone Longbow bloodinfested High-res replacer
Better Weapons Razor Jackster Hi-poly meshes for some weapons
Better Weapons Suite HedgeHog12 High-res replacer for all weapons
Bound Weapon Replacer trainwiz Gives weapons purple glow
Chrysamere Replacer InsanitySorrow HQ model and texture replacer.
Chrysamere Replacer Jayson High-res replacer
Daedric Weapon Enhancer Unknown More colorful weapons (standard res)
Dagger of Symmachus New Mesh Plangkye New mesh + textures
Darknut's Umbra Sword Replacement Darknut New mesh + textures
Dwemer Crossbow Replacer Alaisiagae Better meshes for the crossbow
Fang of Haynektnamet Replacer Oriphier New textures + model
Fork of Horripilation Replacer Oriphier New textures + model
Insanity's Chrysamere Replacer InsanitySorrow HQ model and texture replacer inspired by the default.
Insanity's Goldbrand Replacer InsanitySorrow HQ model and texture replacer inspired by the default.
Insanity's Iceblade Replacer InsanitySorrow HQ model and texture replacer inspired by the default.
Iron Mesh Improvements Psymoniser Higher poly meshes for iron weapons
Katana3DG's Better Chrysamere Katana3DG New scimitar mesh
Keening of Choice ddfields Four versions of Keening/Sunder
LSB Dwemer Mace Retext hammerhorde Retextured dwarven mace
LSB Warhammer Retex hammerhorde Retextured dwarven warhammer
Magebane Replacer Melchior New mesh w/particle effect
Mehrunes Razor Replacer - Jackal Plangkye New model for the dagger
Mehrunes Razor Replacer - Oblivion Plangkye Makes the dagger look like Oblivion's version
Morrowind Septim Coin Replacer StaticNation High-res replacer
New Bow of Shadows Kalamestari_69 High-res replacer
New Umbra Kalamestari_69 High-res replacer
New Veloth's Judgment Kalamestari_69 High-res replacer
Oblivion-Like Umbra freddiepellini Makes Umbra look more like Oblivion's version
PWRP Fallen one Replacers for Chrysamere, Goldbrand, and Umbra
Skullcrusher Replacer Oriphier New mesh + textures
Spirit Eater Replacer Oriphier New mesh
Staff of Carnal Channeling Replacer midgetalien New mesh and enchantment
Steel Broadsword & Resource quorn New mesh
True Trueflame Plangkye High-res replacer
Very Simple Auriel's Bow Replacer Phijama, GuardianAngel New mesh + textures
Zombie-X's Weapon Texture Replacer - Spears Zombie-X Texture replacer for all non-unique spears
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