Oblivion Architecture: Miscellaneous

Link Author Description Screenshots
A Better Basement Door Khettienna High-res basement door textures
Basement Section Texture Replacer kalikut, pekka Makes all basements look murkier, muddier, and moldier
Better Lower House Floors Regent Eagle Retexture of lower-class house floors
Better Thatched Roofs Fearabbit Makes thatched roofs look older and dirtier
Cathedral Improver Stained Glass GeraldDuval Improves all chapel windows exterior-new.jpg Interior - new Interior - new
Chapel Towers Pierrick Makes chapel roofs more like steeples
Darker Cathedrals Fearabbit Makes cathedral interiors/exteriors darker stone exterior-new.jpg Interior - new Interior - new
Evilkoal's Arena Textures evilkoal High-res textures for the Arena
Golden God Statues Dragonblade86 Makes all god statues outside chapels gold-colored
Golden Gods EuGENIUS Makes all small god statues golden
High-Res Normal Map samnes Normal maps for the Arena, Kvatch, and Cloud Ruler Temple
Improved Doors and Flora Mikal33 Better textures for several doors, flora, and other objects
Improved Signs Mikal33 Retexture of most signs
Improved Signs Complete Adam Geldersma, Miknmel1 Retextures the rest of the signs
Improved Waterfront Ships mhahn123 All vanilla ships except The Bloated Float are retextured with diversity in mind
LBM Weather Direction Signs lennybook High-res roadsigns with a weathered look weathered signs
Lights of Oblivion monkeyangie Adds darkness activated street lamps to main roads of Cyrodiil
Lowerclass Cellar Wormheart New interior and exterior meshes for lowerclass cellars
Ornate Statues Catfisherman All daedric statues are painted (in color)
Real Wood Road Signs Varacolacai Weathered wooden road signs
Regional Stonewall Pieces mhahn123 Re-worked all uv maps to repair vanilla texture separations
Road Signs Willie Sea Makes all road signs high-res with colored text
Shipyard Grumblepunk Refurbishes all ships
Signposts retexture Lougian HD re-texture of signposts
Signs of Mages' Guild Snake_71 High-res Mages' Guild signs Mage Guild sign
Unique Signs Khavaz New textures for most signs
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