Oblivion Architecture: Ruins & Sewers

Ayleid Ruins

Link Author Description Screenshots
Adense Darker Ruins and Caves GrandDukeAdense Darker textures for caves and ruins
Ayleid Dungeon Textures jaassu Makes the dungeons look bit more magical and cleaner
Ayleid Ruins Ceano Ayleid ruin texture replacer - cleans up all ruins
Ayleid Ruins Renewed Zenman Makes ruins look more new (retains damage, just cleans up existing architecture)
Ayleid Ruins Renewed Green Marble Zenman As above, but makes ruins into green marble
Ayleid Ruins Renewed Green Tint Zenman As above, but gives stone a slight greenish tint
Ayleid Ruins Replacer for NBB2 AltheaR Texture replacer for all ruins
Ayleid ruins retexture Lougian Hir-rez (2048) texture replacer for Ayleid ruins
Cambodian Ayleid Ruins Betty Angkor-Wat-like ruin replacers. SI required
Drow Ruin Interior and Exterior Tileset Nicolai Dutka Darker Ayleid ruins
Isathar's Ayleid Retexture Isathar High-res retexture of Ayleid ruins
Koldorn's Ayleid Ruins Texture Koldorn Makes Ayleid ruins look more aged and rugged
Mossy Ayleid Ruins evercharmer High-res (2048) replacer of Ayleid ruins.
NNWs Ayleid Ruins Expanded NNW, Lady Rowena Expands Ayleid ruins, adding meshes and textures, and a quest
Oblivion Ayleid Ruin Parallax Textures OblivionRules42 Adds parallax to interior ruin architecture
SpewBoy's Ayleid Ruins SpewBoy High-res textures, makes the ruins darker/more worn

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Fort dungeon textures jaassu Replaces most fort related interior textures with Skyrim based ones
Forts Ruins exteriors retexture Lougian Fort related exterior textures
Gecko's Fort Interior Textures lazygecko high res overhaul of the Imperial fort dungeon interiors
Ruined Ruins maczopikczo Primarily 1024x1024 textures and normal maps for forts & castles on low-end platforms

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Koldorn's Sewer Textures Koldorn High-res retexture of sewer tileset
Oblivion Sewer Parallax Textures OblivionRules42 Adds parallax to sewers

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Shivering Isles Dungeons

Link Author Description Screenshots
Dark Ruin Retexture Natalie73 Makes all SI ruins darker

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