Oblivion Architecture: Towns & Cities

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Towns and Cities
Link Author Description Screenshots
Aeryon White Imperial City Aeryon New textures for the IC
Anvil Exterior Retex Khettienna High-res replacer for some Anvil architecture
Anvil Texture Replacer kalikut, pekka Makes Anvil look newer, brighter, and cleaner
Arena Retexture Amnes High-res replacer w/normal & color maps for some IC Arena architecture
better cathedrals xrayy resized & optimized Hi-rez (2048x2048) textures
better cloudrulertemple xrayy resized, optimized, and reorganized into one folder
Bruma Cobblestone Texture Replacer InsanitySorrow Hi-res retexture for the cobblestone in Bruma.
Bruma Lowerclass Log Cabins Dragonblade86 Changes lower class houses in Bruma to log cabins
Bruma retexture Lougian Hi-rez (2048) texture replacement for Bruma
Building and Furniture Request Dragonblade86 3 retextured Leyawiin houses, retextured furniture
Cheydinhal retexture Lougian Hi-rez (2048) texture replacement for Cheydinhal
Chorrol Redone Blade & Bone A more open, spacious Chorrol. Incompatible with other city overhaul mods (i.e. BBC)
Chorrol Well HagenTronje Replaces the statue in Chorrol with a Well to match guards' dialog
Chorrolized Cheydinhal Textures Fearabbit Makes Cheydinhal's texture more brownish
Cloud Ruler Temple HD amnes Hi-rez textures. Comparison images on the linked Nexus page.
Dark Imposing Imperial City Retexture Rustyvanman Gives the IC a darker, grittier feel
Darker Imperial City Cleitanious Makes IC architecture darker and more gritty-feeling
Darker Regal IC Cleitanious Makes IC architecture more regal (golds and purples) and darker
Darker Regal IC Redimized Bomret Darker Regal IC based on QTP3 textures, reduced and optimized
Darooz Bruma Darooz Hi-res textures for Bruma
IC New Cobblestone oblivionfan95 Darker cobblestone textures for the IC
IC Retexture OWAGrenth Brightens up the IC, changes roof color to red
Imperial City Reloaded Laast High-res IC textures
Imperial City Textures Overhaul jamesr66a Replaces many textures in the IC
Improved Bravil Mikal33 Retextures all architecture in Bravil except main gate
Improved Bruma Mikal33 Retextures all architecture in Bruma
Improved Chorrol Mikal33 Retextures all architecture in Chorrol
Improved Lower Class Architecture mhahn123 Fixed vanilla meshes. Mod resources that can be used as replacers
Improved Middle and Upper Class Architecture mhahn123 Fixed vanilla meshes. Mod resources that can be used as replacers
Improved Skingrad or alternate site Mikal33 Retextures all architecture in Skingrad except main gate
Insanity's Imperial City InsanitySorrow New, high-res textures
Lush and Gaudy Interior and Exterior Mod Brittainy More colorful architecture (same resolution)
Parallax Cities Normal Maps blade9722 Adds the rest of the parallax maps to RuLZ's mod
Parallax Mapping Giga Pack RuLZ Adds parallax mapping to all architecture
Qarl Textures for Blood and Mud dev_akm New meshes for Bravil - Blood and Mud and QTP 2/3
RD Koldorn Ayleid IC Ryu Doppler Makes IC architecture look like Koldorn's Ayleid Retexture
Regal Imperial City Marine O'Keefe Brighter white marble, red roofs
Sidewalks Retexture Pherim parallax mapping for more depth
Strada Citta Imperiale Snake_71 New cobblestone texture for the Imperial City roads

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