Bodies and Races

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Here we list body replacers, new races (or those that at least change the body mesh), and skeletons because they are integral to the textures affecting actors. Body replacement can be subtle or massive. Some alter the size of different aspects of the body: height, chest/bust size, sculpting of musculature, waist diameter, etc. Some include eyes and hair, but these are, perhaps surprisingly, independent components and not required. (Like other items, we do not list them.) Others only change the shape of certain portions such as jawlines, eye sockets or heads. But because many races share the same basic meshes, they can have impacts on multiple races. They are highly subjective decisions by the individual authors, as evidenced by the broad variety and differing popularity.

Different body designs focus upon different aspects. Many offer choices of body type such as slender, average, athletic, body builder, etc. within their package. Those different body types other than average/normal probably will not 'fit correctly' with vanilla clothing and armor, and suffer from clipping issues. Thus you should also survey what is available in desirable choices of outerwear before selecting a particular type.

The various body replacers and their associated outerwear are seldom compatible with each other unless specifically designed that way. The same can be true of other components to customize your character. Always check for compatibility before installing other appearance component mods.

Some mods add the ability to play new races or existing creatures in the vanilla game not originally designed to be playable. They require either the Unofficial Oblivion Patch or the Custom Race Fix mod or an 'alternate start' mod that incorporates the equivalent changes. As the CRF succinctly explains it: "In the game, it is impossible to start the main quest with a custom race. The prisoner NPC in the cell across is only programmed to recognize the 10 default races. This mod adds some extra, 'catch-all' dialogue to the prisoner at the beginning of the game. This dialogue will trigger the beginning of the game for any non-default race."

All actors of the same general structure use the same skeleton mesh. (There are actually two: skeleton.nif for humanoids, and skeletonbeast.nif for four legged beast-like. Note the skeleton.nif referred to and listed here is used for animation of races. It is not the skeleton monster that has only bones without a skin as it's texture.) This has necessitated the development of replacements for the humanoid skeleton to accommodate some new anatomy features, such as wings, adjusting the relative length and scaling of various bones for high-heeled shoes, and bone weighting for gravity dependent movement of portions of the anatomy (aka Better Bouncing Breasts or BBB), as well as altering tail placement. Initially every mod author had to re-implement the skeleton on their own, but then came the development of the universal skeleton resource, which attempted to incorporate all of the features of the different independently developed versions. The maintenance of this attempt to have a single resource has changed hands over the years, so they are listed here to assist those needing to make a choice.

The Realistic Ragdolls Skeleton Converter (RRSC) is a utility, but limited to applying ragdoll physics to anatomy skeletons, so it is listed here instead of on the Utilities page. If you use the Realistic Ragdolls/Physics and Force mod, which cause bodies to fall in a more realistic/random manner (instead of the generic "slumping" pattern) and with greater velocity as well as being easier to move and drag around, you should apply this tool to your body skeletons.

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Add1k RealHighHeels Coronerra Compatible jobra888 Merges add1k's skeleton for Real High Heels with the one from Coronerra. Note compatibility caveats
Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons coronerra The original universal animation mod resource. Game engine skeletons created from the merging of four custom skeletons to allow maximum compatibility between all animations. Supports BBB but not ragdoll physics
Skeletons Bethesda Vanilla skeletons for humanoids and beasts
Universal Skeleton Nif Growlf Successor to 'Coronerra's Maximum Compatibility Skeleton'. Works with standard meshes, BBB, Growlfs Body Resizing Mod, Vipcxj's Real High Heels, but not ragdoll physics
Real High Heels addk1k Esp with resources for modders such as 'skeleton+7.4.nif', kf files, scripts
Realistic Ragdolls Skeleton Converter (RRSC) LogicDragon Converts skeleton.nifs to the same physics as in Realistic Ragdolls/Physics and Force
Vipcxjs Real High Heels System vipcxj Heels change height. Compatible with Coronerra's Maximum Compatibility Skeletons. Requires VipCxjs Plugin Collection

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Body Replacers and Races


Link Author Description Screenshots
A Salutrian Elven Race CELTICDOG Wider body High Elves for EC/HGEC/DMRA & Roberts Male
Abyss Demon - Beta 2 Selene310187 3 Demon variants for Roberts Male, EC, HGEC, TGND
Abysmer Playable Race Ike Coast Capucine's Aquamer Race adapted to Nuska's OCOv2, w/HGEC compatibility patch
Adion Race Sarac For Roberts bodies
AGHGEC (Anti-Gravity HourGlass shaped EyeCandy) Conehead42 EXAGGERATED!!! hips and chest for EC/HGEC, hence the "hour glass" title
ALIEN - Xenomorph Playable Race The_Philanthropy, AlienSlof Xenomorph drone from the ALIEN movies. No texture/mesh data. Requires OBSE.
Amazon Race MOD update Tigersan Bodybuilder females; no texture/mesh data given
Amnes' Beautiful Characters amnes Hi-res face/body textures for males/females
Argonian Beautification Drake the Dragon combined and altered resources (including feet) requiring several other mods, for Robert's Bodies and vanilla only
Ashara's Sirens and Tritons Ashara Adds 10 races for HGEC and Roberts Male. Patches for EC, FF, Growlfs; HGEC H-Cup/LL & GUTS bodies
Asari Race Rebel O Conner Mass Effect Female only aliens for EC/HGEC, UFF, BAB, Roberts
BAB Biu Adventuress Body BAB TEAM More slender athletic and feminine versions of females
Bab Body Complete Package - NUDE Biu and Others Best of Bab Body includes bodies, custom race support by various artists
Better Looking Dark Elves legendman Reshaped mesh and retextured; selected with scars and tattoos
Better Looking Dremora legendman Still ugly, but not as crazy-looking
Better Redguards Luchaire Better-looking dark-skinned Redguards (compatible with UFF)
Better Looking Redguards legendman Vanilla with a nice new brown texture and changed facial defaults
Better Looking Wood Elves legendman Changing blocky vanilla faces into a smoother, somewhat cuter shape
Blood Demon Race Divine Avenger, Alienslof, Kab Blood Demon & summonable minions; Roberts Male only. OBSE
Blood Lust Minion (in 'Cross Goodies') Uncle Cross Playable race. "All the benefits of a vampire, without the need to feed or weakness to sun" for HGEC
BluesNewMaleBody Lila Mue tweaked version of Robert's male body v4. Broader shoulders, bit larger muscles, smaller hips and a smaller but very bootylicious butt!
Breezes Defined Male Body Replacer Breeze582000 Larger, more defined muscles; tweaked mesh and normal maps for Roberts
Brideynas Upperbody UHK GUTS for HGEC Brideyna Female Upperbody UHK (Unbelievably Huge Knockers) for HGEC GUTS with moving breasts
Bigger Nords and Orcs CryptsOfTheDead Makes Orcs/Nords larger and heavier
Bulky Nords Belenos Makes Nords taller/more muscular
Bulky Orcs Belenos Makes Orcs more muscular

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Capucines Aquamer Race Capucine 2048x2048 textures. Multiple requirements; Exnem/Roberts/TFF bodies
Charming Deception Race TieuPhieu Hi-rez (4096x4096) Moonshadow Elvish based foxtailed females for HGEC & Roberts Male. Requires mod Hair Master
Cheeses Censored Exnems Body Cheese123 Muscle tone, color are the same; nipples and Genitals are no longer visible
Chocolate Elves XiNAVRO Requires Corean Races; for vanilla, EC, HGEC, TFF, Roberts
Classic Witcher Elysian Rivian Witcher for vanilla and Roberts; Males only
CM Descendants Rune West kenmaster31 CM Partner based on Descendants Rune West for HGEC Body
Corean Race mod idkrrr 8 Corean races (female type I~IV, male type I~III, Dark Elf version) based on Mystic Elf Race, 20 eyes & 35 hairstyles
Corean Races idkrrr 8 Imperial and Dark Elf based races found in Corean Mod. Version for vanilla included. No other texture/mesh data given
CrossDressing Body Replacer Room207 Robert's female body made into a very androgynous shape, with its own textures compatible with normal Robert females
Curse of Hircine - Resurrected LogicDragon aka WolfClaw Adds Werewolves with new skeleton & animations. Requires OBSE20+. Check known conflicts
Demon Semtex Models and textures for Robert's male & female, HGEC and GUTS
Demon - for Adults Semtex Models and textures for Robert's male & female, HGEC and GUTS, with boners and strapon
Descendants Rune North kenmaster31 Two female sizes of a custom playable race for HGEC body
Descendants Rune West kenmaster31 playable female race w/vanilla attributes, for HGEC body
DesuChans/MissAniThropes Kawa-Khajiits MissAniThrope Adds 4 additional Khajiit races for HGEC, U/T FF, Roberts bodies
DesuChans/MissAniThropes Persocoms RECONSTRUCTED DesuChan aka MissAniThrope Anime (Chobits) style mecha-race for EC/HGEC, Roberts Male bodies
Devil Race alienslof One Eyed Devil, (Roberts?) male only. Hybrid Demon & Dremora
Diablo Elf 6 in 1 OMOD <unknown> Adds 6 'elf' races. No technical data given
DK High Imperials death-knowz Custom race uses Head06, HGEC; 19 eyes & 10+ hairstyles
DMRA-GUTS BBB BB samhain6 Double Melons upper body with all the muscles of Light GUTS and a combination DMRA / GUTS lower body
DMRA BBB Fine Tuned Body v3 With No Waist Seam and Roberts Feet Nephenee13 Based on the DMRA Fine Tuned Body by nabernas. Now with a 100% eliminated waist seam and 90% eliminated foot seam
DMRA Body BB + BBB Mailamea Double Melons Round Ass version of female body based on Exnem's EyeCandy, with BB and BBB support
DMRA Double Melons GUTS body replacer zax Double Melons GUTS body aka DMGUTS (DM upperbody edited to fit GUTS lowerbody)
DMRA Double Melons GUTS body replacer OMOD zax OMOD version of DMGUTS
DMRA Female Dremora Monsters Edhildil makes all Dremora into DMRA wearing DMRA daedric armor
DMRA Fine Tuned Body Replacer nabernas Slightly improved version of DMRA Attempt 2 upperbody and DM body texture for the female DMRA body replacer
Doberaga Race Qawsed Asap Canine race based on Doberman Pinscher for vanilla & EC/HGEC/TFF/Roberts bodies
Dork Divas Dragon Elves DorkDiva Detailed red scale texture w/some tattoos. HGEC compatible w/MBP/bp98++
DorkDivas Snow Elves DorkDiva Snow Elves w/white skin, tattoos & markings. HGEC compatible w/MBP/bp 2ch
DorkDivas Verrater Demoness DorkDiva Demoness race in choice of 7 colors. HGEC compatible w/MBP/bp 2ch & 98++
DragonBall (Saiyan/Goku) wolve Mystic Elf based race. No texture/mesh data give
Dragorian and Dranaugh Races BlackStorm999 Two Dragon races for Roberts Male, TFF
Dragorian and Dranaugh Races Reworked gulogulo modified version of Dragorian and Dranaugh Races by BlackStorm945, and recommended by that author, to make the races more biological than magical
Dremora Race Playable Version sirius82 Requires KT_CustomRaceFix
Drow Race alienslof For Roberts Male v4 or 5
Dryads - Guardians of the Forest Xenius New race for Roberts Male, and his Female or HGEC bodies
Dwemer Race GendunDrup New "lost elven race of Mer" for vanilla or Robert's Body. Requires OCOv2 & custom race fix

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Epic elves Kani Hime Female only Tolkien elves race for HGEC
Eshmes Female Bodies and Clothes V3 Eshme / Aleanne / Korana New textures for Imperial/ Breton/ Dark Elf/ High Elf/ Wood Elf/ Nord/ Orc/ Redguard/ Khajiit/ Argonian/ Dremora/ Rens Mystic Elf to fit the new body
Exnem's Female EyeCandy (EC) Body Replacer NUDE Exnem Exnem's more athletic and well built version of naked females of every race
Exnem's Female EyeCandy (EC) Body Replacer Underwear Exnem Exnem's more athletic and well built version of females of every race in underwear
Faun Semtex Models and textures for Robert's male & female, HGEC and GUTS
Fiok Bulky Orcs Fiok Makes Orcs more muscular
Four Playable Creatures StevePit Vanilla Daedroth, Zombie, Scalon and Lich now playable
Gatekeeper Race the_philanthropy, Hadesminion12 No texture/mesh data given
Golden Elves Race Drazah Requires Corean Races. Uses some Chocolate Elves files (included). For HGEC
Growlfs Hotbody 5 Female Nude Body Replacer Growlf Female nude body replacer with various breast sizes and new weight painted lowerbody. Works only with Exnem textures!
GUTS UHK Manga BBB Marvin42martian combines UHK Manga BBB upper body & GUTS lower body. For HGEC textures
GUTS UHK-RA BBB BB samhain6 BBB+BB rigged combinations of GUTS upper bodies and DMRA lower bodies
Half Orcs V3.0 Dragonblade86 No mesh/texture data given
HG EyeCandy Body (HGEC) RAIAR & MadCat221 Improved body meshes; includes Exnem's textures. 4 body versions (Normal, Fighter, EBE, & GUTS) with 6 cup sizes and 4 lower body widths
HG EyeCandy Body Fcup Zuka Fcup Upper Mesh for HGEC Normal & Fighter bodies
HGEC Body with BBB Several Combines 7 different mods with BBB animations
HGEC EVE (Eyecandy Variants Expansion) EVE TEAM Includes the HGEC Body Selector (limited to C-, E-, EBE E-cup upper, & normal, wide, EBE lower bodies; plus stock clothing and armor to fit
HGEC Fantasy Body (HFB) XunAmarox Standard HGEC E Cup upper body and LL lower body
Hirdamanapulus BDM Hirdamanapulu SpeedBuster BDM body w/ slimmer stomach, waistline; bigger booty

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Inari Race Hidemaro Based on Japanese foxes. No texture/mesh data given, but HGEC/MBP compatible
Kaleen race Nouser demon-like race 99% female. For HGEC & Robert's Male; Ren's Hair included
Kanin Rabbit Race Kali Paige Rabbit race EC/HGEC, Roberts Male
Khajiit Male Body for OCO v2 TheNathanParable the omitted Khajiit texture for Oblivion Character Overhaul v2, adapted for the Robert's v52 male body
Lagomorph Race elPatrixF Rabbit race for EC/HGEC, Roberts Male
Lapis (in 'Cross Goodies') Uncle Cross Playable race. "“Stone” skin, with resistances and attribute boosts" for HGEC
Lattamer V3 CapsAdmin Lattamer race; EC, Roberts, TTF body textures; custom race & vanilla face age maps
Lemure by Flan Dustin Flan, Maxim K very dark silky skin, pinkish lips & fleshy eyelids/sclera for Roberts Bodies
Luchaires Tabaxi Cat Race Version 2 Luchaire 3 color versions Cat race for Roberts Male body & Fantasy Figures or EC females
Lunas Gothic Maiden Race Lunasprite13 W & w/o piercings female only for HGEC body
Luna's OCO v2 Dremora Body Replacer Lunasprite13 replace the original bodies with matching tattooed bodies. For HGEC and Robert's Male bodies
Lunas OCO Khajiit Female Fix Lunasprite13 Fix for OCO v2 female Khajiit face on Luchaire's HGEC body
Lunas Pixie Race Lunasprite13 With & w/o facial piercings for TGND/HGEC & Roberts Male
Lunas Silencer Race Lunasprite13 Assassin race w&w/o facial piercings for TGND/HGEC & Roberts Male
Lunas Webspinners Daughter Race Lunasprite13 Pierced ear (& optional face) female only race for HGEC bodies
Manga upperbody with HGEC L lowerbody GnargleHankar Chose the L and not the LL lowerbody to be more compatible with HGEC armors (they mostly use M or L)
mECB vk mbass Derived from HGEC_vk, with softer breasts and more curves to the belly
Mels Impling Race Mel Adds Impish horns and tail to vanilla bodies
Modular Beautiful People 2ch-Edition++ (MBP++) Naru; (BP2-Ch: Hakaishin, Henkyo, RR?vI4I8.Yi2I) (++) is Japanese support only. Modular Beautiful People 2ch-Edition (MBP): Ainmhi, Carrier, Dremora, Elves of Lineage II, Horkew, Human, Ice Elf, Lolita, LongEars Elf, Lycanthrope Elf, Mystic Dark Elf Remake, Mystic Elf, Mystic High Elf, Orog, Robo Elf, Skyrim Khajiit, Tabaxi, Tang Mo, Wiera, White Tabaxi, Wolf Elf.
Modular Beautiful People 2ch-Edition++ (MBP++): BloodWitcher, BloodWitch, ChanponSimple, Human(t), Lop-EarsElf, Lop-EarsElfII, miqote, Moonshadow Elves, Moonshadow LongEars Elf, Slimx105, Slimx110, Snow Tabaxi, Synx, Tolkien Elves, Wild Tabaxi. Various bodies by race. Guide
Modular Beautiful People Complete Hakaishin Henkyo Ajom Compilation 2.1beta by Cyb3r of MBP1.4a MBP++0.98a x117++078 Aio
Moonshadow Elves Sulpyun Panda look to Elves for HGEC and Roberts Male bodies
More feminine RT femalebody clevsy Tweaked Robert's female body to be a little less muscular
Mu Race Plus Extra Hairs and Tattoo Options Lord Bondo Human & Long-eared half-elf versions of race for HGEC Females
Mystic Elf Race -Ren- Found in Rens Beauty Pack, with/without tattoos for vanilla bodies
Navatar HGEC RGM Custom race based on Na'vi from movie Avatar, for HGEC C-Cup and Roberts Male v5. Most notable for adding rigged long hair to the CharGen menu
Neo - Ahrum Race remake Neovinci aka Meister 7 female types for HGEC Bodies
New Khajiit Race - Tojay-raht Sinvence Elsweyr 'tiger-looking' Khajiit, for HGEC and Roberts bodies
New Races: Dremora, Dark Seducer, Sheogorath, Golden Saint Squid24 play as a Dremora (not female), Sheogorath, Dark Seducer, or Golden Saint. Customization is limited
Nonyxia Cheetah Race KitsuneMitsukai Khajit form "Elsweyr" alternative in 3 variations, now w/Coolsims hair
Ohmes race Trollberserker most Mer-like Khajiit: shorter than a Bosmer, with similar pointed ears, but no fur, no tail, or other Khajiit features. Face painters
Orc Berserker Female Tigersan More muscular female Orc
Orc Nord Dremora Buffer Auto-Hellion Makes Orcs, Nords, and Dremora more muscular
OROP_Oblivion Race Overhaul Pack Niklas1995_Assassine1995_tHeDeAtH Overhaul of vanilla races. (Download page in German)
Orsimer Overhaul Room207 Replaces Orcs' head mesh and textures; makes them less huggable
oykawoos Skyrim Khajiit Recolor oykawoo White colored Khajiit retexture. requires Skyrim Khajiit

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Pagan Races Gabriel Breton based loosely on "Thief: Deadly Shadows", for Robert's, possibly other bodies. Incompatible with HGEC and TFF
Pentra Khajiit Race Devin Lesang alternative catfolk race w/new head model; NPCs & vanilla Khajiit not affected
Persian Race v3 Ihoe Imperial like Persian race for BAB, UFF, Roberts Male, EC
Playable Auroran StevePit Auroran now playable as a character
Playable Black Bear StevePit Vanilla Black Bear now playable as a character
Playable races Alpha 1-66 minimongo7 Golden Saint, Dark Seducer, Vampire, Dremora or an Imperial (w/Beard) playable as a character
Playable Rat StevePit Vanilla Rat now playable as a character
Playable Shambles Race StevePit Vanilla Shambles now playable as a character
Playable Skeleton StevePit Vanilla Skeleton now playable as a character
Playable Troll StevePit Vanilla Troll now playable as a character
Playable Wolf StevePit Vanilla Wolf now playable as a character
Playable Wraith StevePit Vanilla Wraith now playable as a character
Playable Xivilai alienslof Demon race, Roberts Male & Female, optional scars & tattoos
PSG - Female Body Replacer The_Philanthropy Philanthropy's Svelte Girls (PSG) - small alternative to the busty replacers
Qaws Race Pack Qawsed Asap Adds 12 Beast Races for HGEC, Robert's Male & Female, FF body replacements
Race Balancing Act KRavansh Racial abilities based upon if they lean toward magic or mundane abilities. Also resizes the races
Racier Races TheNerevar More exaggerated default race distinctions, for vanilla and HGEC bodies.
Raven A playable X-Vampire Race Shamikka Female only for HGEC. Requires Vampire Race from Xenius Race Compilation
Real Orcs Inudiablo Orcs are larger
Roberts Female Body v1.3 Robert Female body plus outfit replacer has DElf, Golden Saint and Orc textures compatible with the new male V5. Old textures included
Roberts Female Body Curvaceous Version Rebel O Conner, Robert2, BlackBaron2, AlienSlof Version of Robert's Female Body made to work with Slof's Better Bodies
Roberts MaleBodyReplacerV5.2 Robert Hi-res textures and normal maps for 10 variants of three main body types: muscular, average and slender. The other stuff comes as a resource pack.
Room207 A4 Male Body Replacer V52 Robert, Room207 derives from Robert's average body v4 but it now has all the features of v5.2
Room207 Bodybuilder Male Body Replacer V52 Room207 Bodybuilder body type derived from Robert's Bulky body
Saiyan Race Zer0777 Humanoid race. No technical details
Salutrian Elven Race CELTICDOG Wider High Elf race for vanilla, Roberts, EC, HGEC, DMRA
Seducer Elven Race Carah Dark Seducer Eyes on a Dark Elf. Vanilla body and textures
Seraphim Race BuchezZz No texture/mesh data given
Skyrim Khajiit Cerath No texture/mesh data given
Slof's Bodies Slof Home website of various race textures for Robert's Bodies
Snow Elves - Falmer Xerguilhem playable custom vanilla race, based on Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC
Sona Race throttlekitty Head06-JC1 'pretty face' mod for TFF body
Soqui Race artifex 'Furry' head, feet, tail and hair; for Roberts bodies
SPB Curvaceous Trashdog a combination of Speedbusters Heavy A and Heavy B Bodies. It was also improved in the buttocks area for a rounder and fuller profile
SPB Curvaceous with Roberts feet mktsang Trashdog's SPB Curvaceous, but more compatible with other footwear and larger breasts, for HGEC
seloblBod selobl Spliced Geechan's hands/wrists/forearms on to Zuka's F-cup CKB Fighter upperbody mesh with BBB. HGEC textures required
Succubus Race by Bella BellaGail Female Demon for HGEC
Sui Guts Body HappySparkles Attributes of both the Sui Cup upper and DMRA Guts lower body. 3 versions each of both Female and Transsexual bodies: Extra Slim, Slim, & Normal, with BB and BBB
SuiCup Shemales Happysparkles SheMale version of SuiCup body with BB and BBB
SuicupBDM Conehead24 BDM upper body and the Suicup 2 lowerbody
SuicupBDM with BBB bibo55 Adds BBB to the SuicupBDM body
Synx tetrodoxin Head06 based human variant race for HGEC and Roberts bodies

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Tamriel NPCs Revamped Complete BAIN Veritas_Secreto (aka "Nethawk") TNR is an overhaul of 1237 NPCs from all ten races. This is the BAIN version of TNR Complete: Final, SI Final, SI Final No Helms, and individual races.
Tang Mo Race Grimdeath, Syko Fox Two variants of a 'Great Ape' styled race. Requires Custom Race fix
Tattooed Vanilla Races Not Replacer Shaun919 Adds separate versions of the vanilla races, that have been tattooed. ESP and textures
Terimer Race Jclyde6108 repack of "CM Partners Terise" for HGEC, without any "CM Partners" dependency
TFF (TeamFF Fantasy Figures) Texture Pack Base Natural TeamFF Inspired by the artwork of Luis Royo and Frank Frazetta, Fantasy Figures is a near photo realistic, voluptuous and life-like full female body mesh and texture replacer. Hi-poly, hi-res, and naked; required for all other TFF releases
TGND Female Body and Clothing Replacer Luchaire, Kalia The Girl Next Door (TGND) is designed to be an average female that has a solid and healthy body, with a bit of extra meat here and there
The Eleionomae Xenius Essentially hi-rez humanoid Argonian-type race with scales: based on Greek marsh naiads
The Hircine Wintermuteai1 Hircine Playable Race based on the Daedric Prince and starting with his Ring and Spear
THEC (Tacky Hentai Eyecandy) Body Tackymoe Slenderness of HGEC Normal, fitness of Fighter, with slightly more curvature
TNR Complete OMOD Veritas_Secreto (aka "Nethawk") TNR is an overhaul of 1237 NPCs from all ten races. This is the OMOD version of Tamriel NPCs Revamped Complete for base and SI games.
Traditional Elf Race Tosimies Upswept ear Elves. No texture/mesh data given
Tweaked Roberts female body mod TheOne tweaked version of Robert's Nude Female Body Replacer
UFF BAB Conversion jclyde6108, acidrain226, nivea, sinblood, sickleyield Modifies the Biu Adventuress Body (BAB) FINAL mod to work with Unofficial Fantasy Figures (UFF, now TFF)
Ultimate Manga Body K-cup UMK Zyxdragon Based on HGEC Manga Body and DMRA. K-cup size only without sagging. Fully HGEC-compatible. Contains Roberts feet, L-lowerbody and hand
Vampire Race Reloaded BellaGail 6 new vampire races & textures, HGEC female only (at the moment)
Vanilla Race Deluxe amnes, original artists Hi-rez & head06, vanilla/Roberts Male/HGEC
Vexend Race Ferimens Wolf and Fox races from Hircine based on Khajiits for EC and Roberts bodies
Void Elves HGEC nuska Hi-rez (4096 bodies, 2048 faces, half size normal maps) female only HGEC race with custom headshapes
VORB - VadersApps Oblivion Real Bodies VadersApp 1000 different body types each available for both male and female characters, for all stock clothes and armor. Works with skin textures and BBB. Other body replacers can be removed. Clothing provided with such mods can be converted to VORB. Every other mod's clothes could be easily adapted to this mod, either manually or automatically online [update: online conversion site down]
Wiedergaenger Race REANIMATED EV DV Mondstein Zombies for HGEC and Roberts Female
Witcher Race v1_1 Bamul The Witcher Race for Roberts Male
Wolven Anthros Tiffawolf Wolf race for Roberts Male and EC bodies
Wraith Race Alpha Garrett666 loosely based off Raziel of Legacy of Kain series, for HGEC & Roberts Male
Young Asian Urrl AKA Chimera Requires use of Custom Race Fix and HDR
Xenius Race Compilation Xenius Primarily female races for HGEC & a few Roberts Male. Elves: Moon/ Deep/ Battlespire Dark/ Night; Drow, Dryad, Day Walker, Vampire, Night Walker, Human, Void Wanderer
ZKEC Female Body ziitch HGEC tweak added the converted feet from Roberts Female and Geechan's smaller hands with 5 lowerbody and 15 upperbody variants

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