Oblivion Characters: Eyes

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Link Author Description Screenshots
4 New High Elf Eyes SoulSaver000 4 new eye colors
Belphe's Eyes chakaru11 resources for 13 recolors each for normal/Moonshadow eyes and Elaborate Eyes
Better Eyes Jessay 4 colors of Khajiit eyes in large & medium, and adds some shades for Humans
Better Khajiits CatsfromElsweyr A few more Khajiit eye colors; reshapes faces more cat-like. Also affects Argonians.
DN Vampire Eyes - Evolution of Blood DreadNaught 10 sets of custom vampire eye textures for each race. Requires 'Elaborate Eyes' or 'Beautiful People 2.7+'
Elaborate Eyes Jenius large selection plus new Vampire, Reanimate, and Dremora eyes for every playable race, ESP for Ren's Beauty Pack
Elaborate Eyes Merged with Coolsims Hair dethrockboy Merge of two popular but otherwise incompatible mods, for vanilla races only or new vanilla bodies / faces that do not require an ESP file
Elaborate Eyes Simplified Brumbek replaces Oblivion eyes for all races with 100% compatible 'Elaborate Eyes', but fixed colors
Elveons realistic Eyes elveon 75 types of eyes, including bloodshot, blind, rotten & completely discolored
Glowing Vampire Eyes maeths emissive vampire eyes with an orange glow
I Only Have Eyes For You Dr BrainDamage eye textures and normal map replacements for vanilla, w/ optional eye glow maps & new eye reflection texture
LBM Oblivion Eyes lennybook Eye replacer
Lestat's Eyes totalvamp Changes all vampire eyes to Lestat's eyes
Natural reptile eyes for Argonians Troll berserker 7 Natural looking reptilian eyes
New Generic Eyes Me 14 new generic eyes
New Vampire Eyes Aneril Changes the vampire eye texture
New Vampire Eyes Itachi62 Makes vampire eyes all-white
No Dunmer Pinkeye DarkLink2135 Replaces dark elf eyes with human ones
Nonhuman Dunmer Eyes Virion Replaces Dunmer red eyes with full black
OCO2 Eyes for MBP (Googly Eye Fix) tetchystar Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 eyes to be compatible with Modular Beautiful People (MBP) and mods that use a similar eye mesh replacer
OCO2 Khajiit High-res eye textures Troll Berserker Hi-rez Khajiit eyes for Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 by Nuska
PEM_ChangeMOD PerfectionCat changes the hairstyle, hair color, and eyes of NPCs and the player
Rislav's Colored Eyes Rislav Five new eye colors for all races
Skyrim-Styled Dunmer Eyes M25Miles Eyes more like Skyrim's
Tiger Eyes Tigersong Four new eye colors for Khajiit
Trolls Argonian eyes Troll berserker 8 new eye colors, compatible w/Oblivion Character Overhaul by Nuska
Trolls elf eyes Troll berserker lore-friendly, Skyrim inspired eyes to elf races, compatible w/Oblivion Character Overhaul by Nuska
True Altmer Eyes for OCO T3alrose High Elves get eyes like in Skyrim: Green eyes mainly in females, orange in males, yellow in evil NPC's. Requires Nuska's Oblivion Character Overhaul.
Vampire eye retexture Troll Berserker Elongated diamond shaped pupil in red iris
Vampire Eyes badboyd22 Makes vampires younger, gives them new eyes
Vampire Eyes Crimson Retexture Specter99 Makes vampire eyes red
Vampire Eyes Replacer Ilaria Makes vampire eyes redder
Vampire Eyes Re-texture Vface retexture redder

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