Oblivion Characters: Faces

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Amnes Beautiful Characters - Glossiness FIX junkacc11 changed the glossiness so the faces don't shine so bright
Beautiful Women and Handsome Gents Revised ntobmodfan, SpaceOden restored NPCs in Beatiful Women Mod back to default ages, while retaining the improved faces. Requires NPC Face Color Unlocker
Beautiful Women Mod ntobmodfan Gives all 'nice' female NPCs a face lift, except Khajiit, Orc, & Argonians
Beer Goggles Mr. Dave Makes faces better-looking
Better Faces BlueMax New head meshes for Bretons
Boof's Khajiit OCO 2 Head Patch BoofDawg makes Slof's Khajitt body (based on Robert's Bodies) fit nuska's OCOv2 head
Django's Unique Features Von Django Adds many unique facial features to PC/NPCs such as scars and tattoos
Dremora Face Texture Enayla Facial texture for dremora
Elsweyr-Tattooed Ohmes Retex Candex Feline pattern for tattooed Ohmes (Khajit) race in Iliana's Elsweyr, the Deserts of Anequina mod.
Facial Textures Enayla, Miss Onatopp Improved facial textures for all races
Freckles For Bretons SilusCrow Gives Bretons freckles
Head06_Fem3 Variations Lucha Several variations of the popular head-mesh. Fixed grin and smooth .egt are included
HGEC Khajiit Face for OCOv2 Wyn Xombii Adapts OCOv2 Khajit texture coloration to match HGEC body
IAFT Improved Argonian Facial Textures Shady Tradesman Improved facial textures for Argonians
IFT Improved Facial Textures Shady Tradesman Improved facial textures for all races
Khajiit Face Retexture jw0ollard High-res retexture
Lizard-Like Argonians LoganZezima Makes Argonians look more lizard-like
Natural Faces MaboroshiDaikon Higher resolution base textures for some races
New Argonian Face Textures nivea Improved Argonian face textures
New Face Textures Enayla New facial textures for all races
New Orc Facial Textures, Angry Orcs! Kraxxuz Makes orcs look angrier
Oblivion Character Overhaul (OCO) nuska All-in-1 total overhaul of player and NPC races, closer to art of Skyrim and Morrowind. Note: incompatible with most other face texture mods Oblivion%20Character%20Overhaul.jpg
Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 (OCO v2) nuska A complete revamp of the OCO heads with a new visual direction closely inspired by Skyrim and Morrowind
Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 (OCO v2) Compatibility Patches Androl for Official Plugins, UOP/UOSIP (combined), and Kvatch Rebuilt
OFF-Optimized Facegen Files the_philanthropy Provides optimized face age maps (egt files)
Orsimer Overhaul Room207 Replaces male Orc mesh and texture with fiercer, more intimidating (1024x1024) ones
Photo realistic female face texture for head06 RGM Intended for a custom race female character; not a general replacer
Smooth Faces Baleur Edited face textures for all races except Khajiit/Argonians
Tattoo on face for Head06 model GBRPluss Can be put on age textures. Ex: Rename ElfFacef10.dds & ElfFacef10_n.dds to headmanf10.dds & headmanf10_n.dds
The Complete Dremora Zephranthes Improved facial textures, makes dremora playable
Tweaked Generic Faces Miss Onatopp Sets all facegen sliders to 0 for chargen; blends face/body colors better
Vampire Aesthetics Circuitous, throttlekitty Makes vampires look better
Vampires Look Val Better facial textures for vampires
Vectorized Djangos Tattoos Leviathan1753 Vectorized version of "Djangos' Unique Features" tattoos only. Compatible with the original for features not changed
Vibrant Saint and Seducer Faces Midnight Voyagers Saint/seducer facial textures using Miss Onatopp's Vibrant Body Textures
XEO no Makes ALL NPCs pretty. Requires HDR on.
Xeoallpretty Zao Makes all Female NPCs pretty. Merge of several mods. HGEC D Cup.

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