Oblivion Characters: Models

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Everything not previously categorized but related to characters is collected here. Facial hair such as beards, moustaches, goatees, eyelashes; skin irregularities such as freckles, tan-lines, blemishes; scars, and tattoos are few enough to be grouped together; ear and wigs mods go together; alternate textures and meshes to replace those in other replacement packages have their own sub-section; and the ultimate miscellaneous catch-all 'Uncategorized' for everything else are designed to make finding these overall general 'miscellaneous' mods easier for you to locate.

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Beards, Irregularities, Piercings, Scars, Tattoos, etc.

Link Author Description Screenshots
Broken Equipable Beards Fix Hickory removed duplicate FormIDs & created Amulet tail-slot beards for Equipable Beards
Dunmer Male Tattoos for Roberts darkedge42392 Tribal tattoos cover the chest, back, arms, stomach, thighs, and ankles
Edhildils Chocolate Tanlines Edhildil Expansion for navetsea's F-INevOblivionChocolateElves skinset, with Freckles
Edhildils Dremora Tanlines Edhildil 2048x2048 expansion for Dremora in navetsea's F-INevOblivion skinset for EC/HGEC
Edhildils Hi Rez Chocolate Tanlines Edhildil 4096x4096 expansion for XiNAVRO,s ChocolateElves
Edhildils Hi Rez Imperial Tanlines Edhildil 4096x4096 expansion (Imperial female) for Ozmo's High Rez Skin Textures for HGEC
Edhildils Imperial Tanlines Edhildil Expansion for navetsea's F-INevOblivion skinset for EC/HGEC
Edhildils Imperial Man TanLines Edhildil Alternate skin texture for Roberts MaleBodyReplacerV4
JazzJR Whsikers JazJR Whiskers and eyebrows for Khajiit, as a hair type
Edhildils Orc Festerfication edhildil Skin blemish expansion for navetsea's F-INevOblivion skinset for EC/HGEC
Edhildils Pepperoni Beautification Edhildil Expansion for navetsea's F-INevOblivionChocolateElves skinset, with Pepperoni Nipples, Peppered Freckles, and tattoos
Equipable Beards taylorsd Beards by rings & amulets. May conflict with other Leveled List mods
Facial Piercings Mondstein only for female Head06 Replacer and some other custom meshes
Fair Skin Dremora DarkRaven666 Gives Dremora pale skin and tattoos
Fair Skin Dremora No Tattoos DarkRaven666 Dremora with pale skin and no tattoos
Fearabbits Bearded NPCs BETA Fearabbit Adds bearded versions of Redguards, Nords, Bretons, Dunmer and Orcs. Changes 125 NPCs to one of these races.
HGEC Hi-rez Freckled texture electrro Freckle texture for races using Imperial skin, optional dragon tattoo
HGEC Hi-rez Imperial body with Oblivion gate mark electrro Hi-rez Imperial body female texture replacer with Oblivion gate mark and some tatoo combinations
HGEC Hi-rez Tattoo Dark Elves electrro Recommended: "Better Looking Dark Elves", "Improved Face Textures (IFT)"
HGEC Hi-rez Tattoo-Golden Saints and Dark Seducers electrro Tattooed Golden Saints-Dark Seducers body and head textures. Requires SI
HGEC Hi-rez Tattoo High Imperial electrro Tattoo female texture recommended for High Imperial race by deathknowz
HGEC Hi-rez Tattoo Imperial body compilation electrro Classic black ink tattoo in many variations for Imperial body
HGEC Humanoid Female Tattoo Shaun919 Changes all humanoid races, including NPCs and male faces, to have tattoos
Imperial Body Tribal Tattoos Xegonite Tribal Tattoo by LazMonk added to original HGEC Hi-Rez body textures
Imperial Oriental Sleeve and Chestpiece Tattoos for Roberts Xiorathha Hi-rez tattoos covering chest and arms for Roberts Male v4-5
Male Dremora Textures alienslof Tattoos in orange/yellow or red/orange for Roberts male bodies
Male Hair Mod Elysian Medium to short w/optional beard, goatee or moustache for humanoid males
New Tattooed Moonshadow Elves choppy_badger made using original HGEC textures and the bonus pack of assorted body bits as well as the Moonshadow texture.
UFF Daedric Tattoos By Request Carah Requested Daedric symbol textures only apply to Bretons, Imperials, Nords, High Elves, Wood Elves, and custom races that use fair skin textures. Requires TFF Fantasy Figures Base 0_51b-12073.
UFF Mystic Tattoos Carah Symbol patterns. Only apply to female Bretons, Imperials, Nords, High Elves, Wood Elves, and custom races that use fair skin textures. Requires TFF Fantasy Figures Base 0_51b-12073.
UFF Paradise Tattoos Carah Floral patterns. Only apply to Bretons, Imperials, Nords, High Elves, Wood Elves, and custom races that use fair skin textures. Requires TFF Fantasy Figures Base 0_51b-12073.
UFF Rockabilly Tattoos Carah Pin-up style. Only apply to Bretons, Imperials, Nords, High Elves, Wood Elves, and custom races that use fair skin textures. Requires TFF Fantasy Figures Base 0_51b-12073.
Unique face features for OCO 2 Troll Berserker A second release of (entirely self-made) warpaints and other unique face features for Nuska's Oblivion Character Overhaul (required), on age sliders. Will affect NPCs
Warpaint for OCO Troll Berserker Adds various Skyrim warpaints and some beard styles to character face sliders for Nuska's Oblivion Character Overhaul (required).

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Ears and Wigs

Link Author Description Screenshots
ANB Wearable Ears Aridale Noblebrook Belmont 32 various cat-like ears wearable by any race with optional 'tailless' version, for Roberts Male and EC to go with wigs
Apachii Wigs for Males and Females Apachii One size fits all, works with Vanilla heads & those by Ren & Throttle Kitty
Big Dunmer Ears Spindrift replaces Dark Elf ear meshes with the longer meshes of High Elves and Wood Elves
Khajiit lop ears Deonotte new Khajiit ear mesh for a human head, in the style of the "lop" eared elves; works with textures for default ears

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Mesh Replacement

Link Author Description Screenshots
BBB Shemale Body Replacer HGEC-DMRA-GUTS Stylex HGEC shemale body for character only
Eyelashes For Vanilla Races Carah, Throttlekitty, Jclyde6108 Planar retexturable meshes and textures allowing addition of working eyelashes to most vanilla character races. Most known head meshes supported. Uses tongue mesh/texture slot
Head06 Replacer - With IFT Textures throttlekitty Requires OBSE12+ & plugin "NPC Texture Tweaker". Vanilla races and NPC support for hi-rez head
Head06 Resource Pack throttlekitty Higher polygon count with a flexible topology, more detailed UV layout, compatibility
Orsimer Overhaul for Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 TheNathanParable patch that replaces the orc head meshes in OCOv2 with some from Room207's Orsimer Overhaul mod
Smaller Elf Ears Fixed qzilla Replaces ear meshes for Elven races
throttlekittys Hot Heads throttlekitty Replacement mesh for character heads. Not recommended as a general replacer

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Texture Replacement

Link Author Description Screenshots
Aureal and Mazken Plus Playable Suntiger Makes Aureal/Mazken skin shinier, both races playable
Argonian Beautification Drake the Dragon Compilation of retextures for Breezes Defined Male Body, EC/HGEC, TFF, BAB, Roberts M/F Bodies
Argonian High Resolution Body Retexture amnes Hi-rez retexture for Roberts Male, and his or HGEC Female
Beautiful Women ntobmodfan Gives all "nice" females in Oblivion a facelift
Beta Better Argonian DaJinari Retexture of the vanilla race bodies
Better Bodies Robert Male and Female alienslof Hi-rez muscular skins for Roberts bodies; includes Slofs Better Oblivion Beasts (SBOB)
Better Dremora Face and Body Textures Jokerflip Retexture for vanilla bodies
Breezes Defined Male Body Replacer Breeze582000 Tweaked male body for larger and more defined muscles. Requires Roberts Male Body mod
Clouded Leopard alienslof Hand painted Khajiit textures for Roberts bodies; includes Clouded Artic Leopard
Darker Elves nia1989 Makes Dark Elves' skin darker, with purple tint
Diablo Elf Skin Textures 2040 Whoever Hi-Rez (2048 & 4096) compilation, some with tattoos. Requires Diablo Elf
Dollface Skin Resource chakaru11 For all head06 versions, but specifically Moonshadow elves
Edhildils Xivilai Tanlines Edhildil 1024x1024 expansion for alienslof's Playable Xivilai (Exnem, HGEC body)
Exnem Dremora Female textures SATAN Dremora textures like the ones for TFF but for EC
Exnem or HGEC or Fantasy Figures and Mouth for Soqui Race Qawsed Asap Replaces Soqui mouth and teeth, along with skin textures for EC/HGEC/TTF bodies. Requires Soqui Race
F-INevOblivion skinset for EC and HGEC navetsea Skinpack for EC/HGEC female body. Covers all men & Mer including Dremora, SI Aureal, & Mazken; but not Argonian and Khajiit. Age maps are not included
Female Dirty Body Textures Dementall remake of High Rez Skin Textures for HGEC adds dirt to female bodies
Flan Base Textures dustinflan Roberts male body and face, tweaked for 'pretty' as a resource
Foxs Argonian textures for Exnems body Fox_Starwing Makes the Argonian stomach plated instead of scaled
Grey Orcs Moire Makes Orcs' skin gray
HGEC HI-rez Dremora texture electrro Hi-rez texture for Dremora-female only with new normal map is more visible, realistic, and has added glossy (oiled) effect
Hi-rez Skin Textures for Exnems Ozmo hi-res (2048, 4096) replacement skin texture for Exnem's EyeCandy female model
High rez Skin Textures for Diablo Elf Ozmo Requires Diablo Elf 6 in 1 OMOD
High Rez Skin Textures for HGEC Ozmo hi-res (2048, 4096) replacement skin texture for HGEC skin and faces
Immersive Tabaxi Textures Nuska More immersive/feline appearance for Luchaires Tabaxi Cat Race
Immersive Tabaxi Body Textures for Roberts bodies T3alrose, Robert2 retexture for Roberts bodies to go along with Immersive Tabaxi Textures. Requires Luchaires Tabaxi Cat Race
Khajiit Texture Replacers alienslof Brown tabby & Siamese textures for Khajiit vanilla, Roberts bodies
Koldorn's Alternate Auroran Texture Koldorn Makes Aurorans more gold-colored
Koldorn's Platinum Aurorans Koldorn Makes Aurorans platinum-colored
Morrowind Style Argonians Jjiinx Makes Argonians more like Morrowind's
Moonshadow Elf Gloss Compatible Texture Thalass Automatic oily skin for the Moonshadow Elf race
Nude Topless Texture Revamp RyanFyu for vanilla Female Imperial, Nord, Redgaurd, Woodelf, Breton, High Elf, Orc, Dark Elf
Retextured Orcs Pack Micaleth Darker and lighter skins for Orcs
Roberts Female Better Necklines TLBTLBTLB Texture replacer for Roberts female body replacer mod that makes the necklines a little smoother and less noticeable
Seamless Hi-Res Khajiit/Tabaxi Textures for HGEC & TGND Luchaire Hi-Res Khajiit/Tabaxi Textures for HGEC & TGND bodies. New hi-res tail mesh placed higher on the body. Based on the Fantasy Figures Khajiit textures
Shiny Saints and Seducers Spirited Treasure Makes Saint/Seducer skin shiny
Shockwolfs Real Skin - For HGEC Shockwolf Skin texture for body mesh using images of real skin. Requires a HGEC body replacer installed first
Slofs Khajiit Retexture for Robert Bodies OMOD alienslof Khajiit Retexture
Snow Leopard alienslof Khajiit Retexture, Roberts male only
Vanilla Race Deluxe Amnes Enhances vanilla races with high resolution texture. Requires Robert's Male and HGEC Female bodies. Consumes ~400MB VRAM.
Vibrant Body Textures Miss Onatopp Higher resolution textures, better coloring for female body

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Link Author Description Screenshots
HGEC AA A B and D Cup underwear SoulSaver000 Adds underwear meshs; overwrites femaleupperbody.nif file
HGEC Robert feet electrro Roberts female feet replacer, converted for HGEC and other bodytypes with integrated Coronerra's Maximum Compatibility Skeleton
Luchaires HGEC Body Seam Reducer Luchaire Eliminates or drastically reduces the visible seams on the EC/HGEC body that cause the half & half coloring on the back, arms, legs, and the neck
Morrowind Style Dremora Fearabbit Makes Dremora playable, has vanilla/Robert's textures
Nice Teeth ALSL Better than toothpaste: cleaner and brighter teeth
Normal Map Replacer for Roberts Male Body Ghogiel Normal map replacer for Roberts Male v4&5 with more muscle tone & definition, excluding Argonian and Khajiit
NoVampireTextures Fiskrens Removes all signs of vampire disease when cured by restoring original textures
Orc age map for head06 amnes Orc age map resource for head06
Undies Underneath popcorn71 Middle ground between being totally naked without gear and unable to ever be completely naked at all: removable underwear
Unified Body Texture and Meshes for BAB and Eshme RGM Makes BAB and Eshme texture compatible, and allows modders to incorporate up to four body Mods in one game (BAB, Eshme, Fantasy Figures, and HGEC)
Vipcxjs Real High Heels System vipcxj high heels change height. Requires OBSE20+, plugin set, custom skeleton
Zinni_s New Tail Zinni remapping of the Khajiit/Tabaxi's tail mesh UV for EC/HGEC/SBOB(Roberts)

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