Oblivion Environment: Landscape

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Link Author Description
Anvil Beach Retexture Muddy Improved sand in the Anvil area
ATP - Ampol's Texture Pack AmpolX Hi-res landscape/cave textures
ATP - Blackwood AmpolX Hi-res landscape textures
ATP - Colovian Highlands AmpolX Hi-res landscape textures
ATP - Gold Coast AmpolX Hi-res landscape textures
Bomret's Detailed Normal Maps for Vanilla Landscapes Bomret Detailed normal maps for better graphics without a performance hit
Bump mapped terrain snow discovery1 Drifting snow effect
CaptNKILL's Non-Tiling Texture Mod CaptNKILL Replaces landscape textures with ones that show less tiling
Cave Mesh Fix dev_akm Corrects cave entrance meshes rendered transparent by hi-res texture replacers
Cyrodiil Snow Mod v4 Final Nikku Changes Cyrodiil into a snow-covered land and animals
Darooz Landscape Darooz Hi-res landscape textures
Detailed Terrain ChainsawXIV Better textures for landscapes without impact on performance
Evandar's Snow Texture Replacer Evandar Retextures all snow and snowflakes, and ice in Pale Pass
Grass and Dirt Justb Darker grass, improved dirt
HD jerall ice texture with transparency xrayy replacement adds slight transparency to ice in 2048x2048 textures
Jarrod's Oblivion New Textures Jarrod Terrain texture replacer
Jarrod's Rock Replacement Mod jarrod1937 Rock texture replacer
John's Better Rocks Johnn123 High-res rocks; each type has different appearance
rocks rocks rocks rocks
Jungle Roads Betty red and sand color for tropical roads
HiRes Oblivion Textures Evandar Oblivion Realm landscape, caves, gates, & citadel textures
Landscape HD amnes HD textures for Oblivion and SI mainly based on AmpolX, some complemented by Darooz, QTP3, & Amnes
Landscape Normal Map Fix Quarn Fixed normal maps to reduce pixelation on landscape when viewed up-close
Landscape retexture Lougian retexture all the landscape in 2048x2048 resolution
Lush and Gaudy Demonic Frippery Brittainy Hi-res texture replacer for Oblivion planes
Nehrim Ambience for Oblivion (Ambience II) Snusmumriken Enhanced version of Oblivion Ambience I
Nice Ice (a.k.a. The Hills Have Ice) maczopikczo translucent ice-rock textures & meshes in 1024x1024 as DXT5 format
Oblivion Ambience I Snusmumriken lightweight replacements for basic & common textures; includes shaya's hi-rez LODs
Oblivion Realm HD amnes Realms of Oblivion in Hi-rez textures
Oblivion Texture Replacer: Landscapes 1024 Qarl Higher-res landscape textures (Inc. In QTP III)
Oblivion Texture Replacer: Landscapes 2048 Qarl Higher-res landscape textures (Inc. In QTP III)
Rocks retexture Lougian HD textures for all rocks (no specifics)
Snow Texture Replacer InsanitySorrow High-res textures
SnusAmbience (Ambience III) Snusmumriken HDR enhanced high contrast (darker/brighter) version of Nehrim Ambience for Oblivion (Ambience II)
Swampier Swamp yoplatz Improved textures for Blackwood area - flora and terrain
Tree bark HD Darooz, amnes Darooz covered about 70% of trees in Hi-rez. This completes his coverage

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Complementary Landscape Mods

Most mods that improve the landscape are texture replacers, but Unique Landscapes (UL) is a must-have for anyone interested in making Cyrodiil more beautiful beyond simple texture replacers. There are nearly two dozen different mods, made by a wide variety of folks, that alter vast stretches of Cyrodiil - everything from the Anvil coast to most of the Valus Mountains. The downside, of course, is that they conflict with a large number of other mods, but the UL team (and the community at large) is very good about making compatibility patches as necessary.

Note the Unique Landscapes link above is for a compilation of the individual releases. It is unofficial, and should never be regarded as "complete". However, it makes a good starting point as most of the XUL mods are very stable and seldom have updates. Just note the "as of" date in the description and then search for 'Unique Landscapes' after that date.

Harvest Flora is a great mod for immersion - plants will change appearance after they've been harvested. Also be sure to grab the Shivering Isles version.

Autumn Trees is a nice little mod that makes leaves fall from the trees (just the ones in northern Cyrodiil).

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Link Author Description
Abnormal Caves Oberscht Higher-resolution cave textures
Adense Darker Ruins and Caves GrandDukeAdense Darker textures for caves and ruins
Amp's Cavern Retexture AmpolX 2048 x 2048 cave textures
Cave textures jaassu & CaBaL Cave texture replacements from Skyrim mod by CaBaL
Improved Cave Normal Maps Evandar Makes cave normal maps look better with no FPS hit
Insanity's Cave Retexture InsanitySorrow Hi-res cave retexture, darker than vanilla.
Caves retexture Lougian HD retexture of caves in 1K and 2K res
Koldorn's Cave Textures Koldorn High-res retexture, makes stone darker
RD Darker Cave Retexture Ryu Doppler Makes caves darker and rougher-looking
SpewBoy's Caves SpewBoy High-res caves

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Complementary Cave/Dungeon Mods

There are lots and lots of mods that add new dungeons or pretty up the existing ones, but only a few that add new content to the vanilla dungeons. I'm not talking about quests and such, but little things that make each one unique. Better Dungeons is perhaps the best example of this; it adds new content to almost all the vanilla caves, ranging from simple flora to full-on Nordic ruins. CDEP Fanaceya and CDEP Underpall do much the same thing, but one a smaller scale. Fanaceya links together Fanacasecul, Ceyatatar, and Haynote Cave with a network of passages and a Daedric cult; Underpall renovates Underpall Cave to make it look more like the home of a band of necromancers that it is. SnusDungeons is an alternative to Better Dungeons, with textures from Skyrim run through Optimizer Textures. There are many screenshots available on the download page.

Caves should be dark, right? There's a mod for that - several, in fact. Cava Obscura is the most comprehensive, in that it not only covers vanilla and Shivering Isles dungeons, but dungeons from a load of popular mods as well. Unlike other mods that alter lighting, like Let There Be Darkness, Ambient Dungeons, Darker Dungeons, and Darker Caves, it alters the lighting levels manually, lowering them to 10% of their original values.

As far as sound mods, Sounds of Cyrodiil adds new sounds to caves, as well as all over the landscape in general.

And finally, an "honorable mention": Immersive Caves. This mod "removes" the doors to most caves and mines (it actually renders the meshes invisible), so that the entrances appear as black holes instead of a door. Unfortunately, if the dungeon in question has a door that's not included in the pack, it will still show up; also, if you're using the Auto version and you try to enter a dungeon with a locked door, you can get stuck there. Luckily, however, it doesn't lock up the game - you can still use coc to teleport elsewhere (like inside the dungeon) and get free.

Underground Complements

Link Author Description
Ambient Dungeons KalendraStar tweak the atmosphere of Ayleid ruins, forts, caves, etc. into Dark, Magical, & Misc groups
Better Dungeons Scot, WalkerInShadows Makes almost all the vanilla caves unique and interesting
Cava Obscura WrinklyNinja drops cave & dungeon lighting to 10% of vanilla
CDEP Fanaceya Ryu Doppler, Folex links together Fanacasecul, Ceyatatar, and Haynote Cave with a network of passages and a Daedric cult
CDEP Underpall Trollf renovates Underpall Cave into looking like the home of a band of necromancers
Darker Caves poopgoblin removes all ambient light except for external sources
Darker Dungeons Galcyon removes all ambient light except for external sources
Immersive Caves addiktive natural cave/mine openings by removing doors
Let There Be Darkness LprMan removes universal ambient lighting and fog
SnusDungeons Snusmumriken textures from Skyrim run through Optimizer Textures
Sounds of Cyrodiil Cliffworms adds new sounds to caves, as well as all over the landscape in general

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