Oblivion Environment: Sky

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Daylight Sky + Sun

Link Author Description Screenshots
Beaming Sunglare Sonic Ether Makes sunlight brighter/clearer
Better Sun dancinninja Makes sun more blurry
Dazzling Sun sefmonsta Adds sunglare
Nuclear Dawn Be Gone Cleitanious New sky textures for people who use bloom over HDR
Really real lightgen GBRpluss Mod brings random generated light in Market District. Generator makes model of window, light colour and radius
Subtle Sunshine - Alternative Glare Fix CptJoker Softer sun outline, less glare
Sun Glare With Lens Flare Guilaster Sun glare from Crysis 2
The Imperial Firmament Discovery1 More visible sun in various weathers. 2048 & some 4096 res. All Natural version as well

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Night Sky

Link Author Description Screenshots
ANB Hunter's Moon Aridale Noblebrook Belmont Makes Secunda orangish
ANB New Moons Aridale Noblebrook Belmont Removes Masser, makes Secunda look like Earth moon
Beautiful Stars Cylume Makes night sky clearer, stars twinkle
Beowulf's Blue Nebula BeowulfTheGreat Adds a blue nebula to the night sky
Beowulf's Cloud Nebulas BeowulfTheGreat Adds cloud nebula to night sky
Better Nightsky Omicron- Retextures both moons and nebula
Blue Sky Nebula CAttAVelox Blue nebula
Brumbek Sky Pack Brumbek Clearer stars, brighter reddish nebula in the night sky
Clear Weather Dark Nights Tom Supergan Clears the air during clear weather, makes nights much darker
Cosmic Night Sky samroski 38 night sky textures
Cosmic SkyCyclying samroski, Sycamore 183 selectable, automatically cycling night sky/moon textures
Enhanced Night Sky LprMan Darker night sky
Enhanced Night Sky Arcano Makes stars look more realistic
Europa and Callisto Chrisworld Turns moons into Europa and Callisto
Fantasy Night Sky Number 1 RGM Adds many stars/nebulae
Far & Away 3D Moons Gorric Enhanced moons
Improved Moons sefmonsta bump-map added replacer for vanilla moons
Improved Sky Textures Eugen Prediger Improved sky textures
Kaleko's Smaller Moons Kaleko Makes the moons smaller
Krensada's Moons Krensada Retextures both moons
Loch's High Res Moons lochnarus High-res moons
Lush and Gaudy Aurora Borealis Brittainy Makes winter weather perpetual twilight w/aurora in the sky
Moon Hi-Res Retexture tenuky New moon retexture
New Nebula Thonk, Gizmo New night sky nebula
Night Sky Fire and Ice Sahardoom 2 new nebula colors, 3 new Masser colors, new Secunda, new stars
Oblivion Celestia Nebula Sacryn Selection of nebulae
Real Night Sky Gloomfrost Realistic night sky
Sky Candy CordwainderABQ Replaces moons, adds nebulae
Wolfen Star Sky Wolfen New night sky

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Overall Atmosphere

Link Author Description Screenshots
DOWNPOUR Gamwich Dramatic heavy rain retexture without a performance hit. 64x256 or 256x256 res
Vibrant Weather villemat Adds HDR lighting effects to All Natural weathers, including SI & interiors, by choice of OBSE script switching (enables comparisons) or file replacement of textures

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