Oblivion Environment: Water & Lava

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Advanced Water Modification Abdullah Improvements to water
Better Imperfect Water Kitna Increases underwater view distance
Better Tweaks fasfad Lower-poly grass, more reflective water, water splashes around more
Better Water soslowgtp Changes opacity of water, underwater view distance
Better Water Fix filterforge dot com Altered water
Blue Lagoon Water dbolivar Makes water clearer
Clear Water Kasdar Makes water clear
Cleaner Crucible Yamcakes Makes orange sewage clear
Clearer Underwater Dyfed_99 Removes fog from underwater
Crucible Sewage Retexture Khettienna Makes sewage look like dark wet mud
Enhanced Water LprMan Changes to water
Enhanced Water - SI Addon halo112358 LprMan's Enhanced Water for Shivering Isles
Foaming Falls Discovery1 Use Texians animated river meshes for moving water animations if they aren't
Hydro Clarity ElPolloAzul Makes water clearer
Hydro Clarity + SI ElPolloAzul Makes water clearer
Improved Water for Oblivion and SI OblivionStalker Improved water for Oblivion and SI
Jake's Improved Water VeraciousJake Makes water more reflective
Less Fog Underwater pyide Make water less murky
Lush and Gaudy Water Brittainy Clear tropical water for Oblivion + SI
Phinix Waterfix Phinix Water is clearer
Real Water Baleur Reflective water, original sight distance underwater
Real Water for the CS Hanaisse Makes water in the CS blue instead of pink
Revised Shivering Isles Waters Ithronyar edits every water type in the Shivering Isles DLC
SI Hydro Clarity ElPolloAzul Makes SI water clearer
Skyrimized Waters Hexaae Water is more like Skyrim's
Spicoly's Realistic Water Mod Spicoly Water is less reflective and bluer
Water Reflection Blur Zeroed Adds blur to distant water reflection

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Complementary Mods

Having pretty water might be nice, but what's the point if you can't do stuff in it? There are lots of mods that add things in the lakes and rivers, making the world just that little bit more immersive. Alive Waters adds a variety of fish, along with a few shipwrecks and random items. Also get Fish, which is intended as an add-on for Alive Waters.

Have you ever been bothered by your character swimming across a river or lake and emerging bone-dry? With Get Wet, you'll actually see droplets of water on your body. Don't forget to grab the update as well.

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Better Lava elveon Hi-res (4096x4096) lava textures
Cooled Lava evilhyde Changes default texture and settings
Improved Lava seniorfrito Makes lava look better, deals more damage
Insanity's Lava InsanitySorrow High-res textures
Koldorn's Improved Lava Koldorn Lava texture replacer
Real Lava CptJoker Lava retexture
Templar's Lava Replacer Ttemplar New lava textures
Visually Realistic Lava Nico21000 Improves lava textures, adds shimmering heat effect

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