Oblivion Flora & Fauna: Creatures

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Link Author Description Screenshots
007Akatosh mount hi-res textures 007 Double res textures for Akatosh dragons
A Female Xivilai Oldwolf58 Makes all xivilai look like normal females
Beautiful Creatures - Spider Daedra El Alquimista Mesh tweaks, prettier face, but separated suit and body so optional new nude texture for the body
Beautiful Creatures - Spriggan El Alquimista Tweaked meshes and UV maps, new hair, for improved appearance
Better Horse Eyes Joshawowo New deeper, more realistic eyes for all the horses in the game
Better Looking Dremora Enemies dunmermaiden Dremora with hair, horns, new armor
Black Horse and Armor Replacer Crypton Makes black horses darker, retex black horse (req. Horse Armor DLC)
Clannfear Textures Master of Worlds New clannfear textures
Daedroth and Scamp Retex Moire High-res textures for daedroth and scamps
Dall's Creatures DALL Better textures for many creatures
Dark Shambles pzbr Black version of the shambles
DLC Horse Armor Update xXxDarknessxXx Armored horses use AlienSlof's horse base
Espless Slof's Horse Replacer AlienSlof, Phaedra Makes all horses better looking
Finlay Goblin Reskin xXxDarknessxXx Gives goblins blue skin and gray armor
Frost troll texture resource Troll Berserker Not lore friendly as a regular troll texture; a resource
Goblin Shaman Remake xerob Makes goblin shamans look better
Goblin Textures Andhar New goblin textures
Hunting and Wildlife Expansion Beta Guinefort1 tropical wildlife and new animal-derived alchemy ingredients. (Edits leveled lists)
JazzJR Skeleton Retexture JazzJR Makes skeletons older/more creepy looking
Ls More Butterflies and Fireflies Leemonski Randomly placed Butterflies, Moths, Fireflies, Dragonflies and Fairies that appear in current cell. Statics (not animated) appearing for 10-50 seconds. May affect performance.
Mature Spriggan MegaManNeoX Nude spriggan
More Evil Daedra Textures Moloch Makes all daedra darker
MTC Bravil Real Roan Stables Nernie Makes all horses in Bravil stable into roans
Mythic Gatekeeper themythofanst High-res retexture
Mythic Ghosts and Goblins themythofanst High-res retexture
Mythic Madness themythofanst High-res textures for SI creatures
Natural Mare Replacer Luna Crescentia Panshiel Adds genitalia to mares
New Atronach Textures Bluecheese9191 More vibrant colors, makes storm atronachs purple
Ogre Retexture Dragonblade86 Ogre retexture
Ogre Skin Gilvilla High-res ogre textures
Personalized Unicorn Mauiphoenix Choice of four colors for unicorn
Realistic Horse Eyes Crypton More realistic horse eyes
Reskinned Hound JDFan Retexture for all skeletal hounds (including Ushnar's, from SI)
Shining Creatures Arkngt Flame/frost atronachs and will-o-wisps shine and give off light
Shivering Isles Skinned Wolf Reskin GreenSaint Reskin of the skinned hound
Slaughterfish Retexture Koldorn New slaughterfish textures
Slof's Horses Base + Armored (OMOD) Rio.One Retexture of horses
Spider Daedra Nude Edhildil, Rebel O Conner Retexture of Rebel's nude spider daedra
Spriggan Textures Andhar New spriggan textures
Undead Texture Pack Bluecheese9191 New colors for some undead
Unicorn Reskin Prophetabaris Makes unicorn/white horse brighter
Waldelf's Sexy Creatures Waldelf Nude spriggans and spider daedra
White Horse With Black Hair Brent B Changes white horse's mane/tail to black
Wraiths Without Faces Nealus Removes wraiths' faces

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