Oblivion Flora & Fauna: Plants

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Alternate Yellow Grass HTF Recolors yellow grass
Animated Palm Tree Prometheus, Entim Animated palm trees
Arboretum maczopikczo tree foliage to complement Improved Trees and Flora, or The Imperial Ecology mods (here)
Bamboo thicket and Rice resource Betty Dense bamboo thickets, and rice, as grass type resources
Barrenland for low end PCs thelawfull removes trees and/or shrubs to boost framerates. Note author cautions
Better Ferns - Hi-Res Ironman5000 (No other specifics)
Better Grass Texture Without Tiling minium Smoothes out obvious grass tiling seen from a distance
Better Tweaks fasfad Lower-poly grass, more reflective water, water splashes around more
Bettys Tropical Replacers Betty All trees with flowers have new leaves; flowers are gone! Only some shrubs have flowers
Darooz Trees Darooz Hi-res tree textures
Diverse Grasses HTF Adds new grass, recolors and resizes existing grass
Elbethiens Jungle of Namriel Overhaul Betty Medium rez dark and green jungle flora (not landscape)
Elsweyr Palm Trees Reduced Brumbek Reduced polygons and optimized palm trees around Orcrest for performance, added collision and LOD/VWD '_far.nif's.
Enhanced Vegetation LprMan Improves textures and size of all plants
FPS Fix Natural Vegetation FenderEsquire Increases FPS when using Natural Vegetation
Glowier Nirnroots OC3 Nirnroots are brighter
Greenies Pink Trees Greenwarden replace all the summer sugar maple trees with fluffy or maple leaf texture in pink
Groundcover for no grass textures Betty Groundcover on 'no grass' areas except rocky grounds, roads, cobblestone, sand, and some unique grounds
Improved Doors and Flora Mikal33 Better textures for several doors, flora, and other objects
Improved Trees and Flora Mikal33 Retexture of many trees, shrubs, and plants
Improved Trees and Flora 2 Mikal33 Retexture of many trees, shrubs, and plants (first pack is still necessary)
L&G Standalone Grass and Crop Pack Brittainy High-res, more colorful plants (grass/crops only)
LowPolyGrass mmmpld Less complex grass meshes for better FPS
Lush and Gaudy Floriana Australis Brittainy A drier look to trees, shrubs, long grasses, rocks, and ground covers in primarily 2048x2048 textures
Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria Brittainy High-res, more colorful plants; also has SI version
Lush and Gaudy Floriana Requiem Brittainy High-res, more colorful plants
Lush and Gaudy Landscape Grass Tree Mod Brittainy Heavily saturated textures for grass and trees
Most is Endless Jungle carrotferret Lore based Environmental Overhaul to vanilla textures. Author lists caveats
Nirnroot retexture Lougian Hi-rez (2048) retexture of the Nirnroot
No Glow Grass Fix Luchaire Removes green glow from grass when playing without HDR
Oblivion Grass Overhaul Ferretmyster Thicker and more colorful grass
Oscar's Nicer Grass Oszkar Winkler Lower grass length and density for improved FPS
Primeval Blackwood Discovery1 Larger grasses and ferns from more primordial times
Real Palmetto and Baobab Textures Betty Intended for Elsweyr Anequina
Realistic Flora Quarn Plants change appearance when harvested
Really Better Tiling Grass Brumbek Removes tiling effect on grass
Recolored Blackberries Abernath Makes blackberries more blue and ripe
RPGBlackDragon's LowTriPoly Grass RPGBlackDragon Different versions of grasses with fewer polygons
RPG-BlackDragons Trees RPG-BlackDragon More branches and tighter leafage for all trees, including SI, adds some performance hit
Shin Akuma Mini Texture Mod Shin Akuma Makes grass greener
Short Grass Slig Shortens grass
Taller Grass Slig Taller grass
The Garden of Earthly Delights discovery1 Most textures of flora & grasses are new. 4 different saturation & performance levels
The Imperial Ecology Discovery1 Replaces some vanilla flora textures with more vivid and verdant ones and groups some plants together
The Imperial Ecology Vanilla Flavour Discovery1 A much less saturated version of the Imperial Ecology with many new textures & a lot more grass including new snowy region flora more in line with vanilla
Tree bark HD Darooz, amnes Darooz trees expanded to cover all types
Tree Bark HD Reduced Xerus, Darooz, amnes Tree bark HD 4096x2048 textures scaled down to 2048x1024, 2048x2048 to 1024x1024, unnecessary alpha channels removed, performance improved
Ubanga Botanic Gardens maczopikczo Tree textures and resources only, imported from Ubanga world-space mod. Read page description carefully
Varied Grass Height HTF Varies height of grass
Verdant Anthesis The Imperial Ecology v3 Discovery1 real world like, grass based environment rather than a horticulturists ideal, primarily in medium rez
Vurt's Flora & Landscape Retexture vurt Replaces various flora and landscape textures.

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