Oblivion: Items

This section consists of the following:

  • Armor: Armor, including horse armor
  • Arms: Mods that combine weapons and armor (See also: Weapons)
  • Books: Books, notes, scrolls, and letters
  • Clothing: Clothing and jewelry
  • Food and Drink: Food, beverages, potions & poisons
  • Miscellaneous: Clutter, coins, soulgems, and other small items
  • Statics: Rugs, tapestries, furniture, and other items that can't be interacted with normally
  • Weapons: Weapons only (See also: Arms)

Note on weapons and armor: There are lots of mods out there that add one or more retextured vanilla weapons and/or armor. These are considered unique items, not replacers, and aren't listed here.

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