Oblivion Items: Books

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Better Book Paper Honnou Cleaner and higher-res textures for book pages
Better Scroll Background Evandar Replacement for scroll textures seen while reading
Book Jackets KotN Rob B. New book jackets for KotN books
Book Jackets Oblivion Mysterium Xarxes Rob B. Changes Mysterium Xarxes cover back to vanilla
Book Jackets Oblivion Standard Res Daleth Retextures all book covers
Book Jackets Oblivion w/Rational Names Daleth Gives books shorter titles
Espless Book Replacer Lady Nerevar, Phoenix Amon, Rob_b, Grimbot, Ryu Doppler & Phaedra Texture replacements for all book covers from Oblivion, SI, and DLCs
Evandar's Better Book Paper Evandar Makes book pages look better
Grimbot's DLC Book Jackets Grimbot Retextured book covers for SI and Spell Tomes
RD Better Book Collision Ryu Doppler meshes w/smaller collision values for books, allowing more compact sets
The Lusty Argonian Maid Dragonblade86 Replaces cover of the book with new artwork
Unique Enticing Skill Books clintmich New covers for all skill books

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