Oblivion Items: Clothing

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Amel's Dementia Finery Amel Mastema Black/green/silver retexture of Dementia upperclass finery/shoes
Archmage Robe Retexture Killover509 Makes Archmage's robe bluish-purple
Better Mages' Robes B5_IcePick Retextured mages' robes (all types)
Better Shield Robes doubledeviant Changes shield robes from tattered robe to mage's robe
Better White Monk Robes With Hood Cass Makes monks' robes white
Black Belted Vest jswordsman Makes the belted vest black
Black Black Robes Vulkanyaz Makes black robes black instead of grayish
Black Female Underwear bazz24 Makes female underwear black
Black Regalia gothic knight Makes Light Blue Regalia and Raiment of Arden Sul black
Countess Reskin Try4ce All countess' dresses are darker blue or black
Dark Mania Regalia finnjo Four dark retextures/recolors of Mania Regalia (males only)
Emperors Robes Retextured Dilond No technical info given
Female Finery Texture Replacer Calislahn Makes finery less shiny, colors more vibrant
Female Sheogorath's Regalia Spike4072 Makes female regalia look more feminine
Female Underwear RaZoR Various colors for vanilla underwear
Female Underwear 3 RaZoR Plain underwear
Female White Mage Robe Mono_Giganto Female version of White Mage Robe
Folk Dress Collection Nailflan Dirndl, Dancer's Outfit, Priestess clothes for HGEC Body w/amulet slot jewelry
Funky's Slinky Female Groin thefunky1 Makes female underwear more realistic in shape/form
Grey Fox Cowl Redux Niccolo Gives hood new appearance and a mask
Improved Clothing - Wizard's Robe InsanitySorrow High-res replacer
Madgod's New Robes Eggylav Recolored Sheogorath's Regalia
Mike's Clothes Replacer mikegemini Adjusts colors/contrasts in almost all clothes (same appearance)
New Sheogorath Clothes yoyodamian Changes Sheogorath's clothes to blue/green
Nordic clothing of the Viking era Medtech Tunics in nine different colors,pants in two different colors and two pairs of shoes (boots)
Oblivion Female Underwear RaZoR New female underwear
Paul's Vanilla Clothing Mod paulvanderveen1 Subtle changes to many items of clothing
Pure Robes and Trapped Amulets ChapterXII Makes Mythic Dawn robes black, mage robes silver, adds two new amulets
Recolored Underwear thefunky1 Recolors default underwear in 5 colors
Red Velvet Outfit Replacer Rinzei Makes red outfit more red, or blue
Ringmail Underwear p@0 Retextures vanilla underwear to have ringmail appearance
Ringmail Underwear All Races p@0 Retextures vanilla underwear to have ringmail appearance
Robe Mesh Replacer Najaknevrec Gives all robes better meshes, makes unique robes look more unique
RTS Oblivion Madstone Retexture redwoodtreesprite Retexture of Draconian Madstone
Semitransparent Underwear compuparker86 Semitransparent underwear for women only
She-ogorath mizkyu Retexture of female Sheogorath finery
Sheogorath's Clothes Retex Kaleb81292 More sinister look for Sheogorath's clothes
SI Zealot White Retexture Kaleb81292 Makes Zealot robes white
Springheel Jak Boots Ogramirad Makes Springheel Jak's boots look like Emperor's shoes
Underwear Texture Assortment Darin 14 textures for female underwear
Unisex Underwear Mesh Revamp RyanFyu New underwear for men/women, makes women's breasts larger
YAUM - Yet Another Underwear Mod Dakhath Makes female underwear pink/white with strawberries

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Dall's Rings 'n Amulets DALL Retextures all rings/amulets, adds some new ones
Improved Amulets and Rings Mikal33 Retexture of basic rings and amulets
Kafei's Better Amulet Replacer Kafeid Replaces textures for basic amulets
Kafei's Better Ring Replacer Kafeid Replaces textures for basic rings

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