Oblivion Items: Food & Drink

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Food and Drink
Link Author Description Screenshots
Alluring Potion Bottles v3 jbvw New textures and icons for all generic potion bottles
Alluring Potion and Wine Bottles v3 for OOO Ayleid_People Alluring Potion Bottles v3 and Alluring Wine Bottles v1 for OOO v1.33, 1.34+ full version
Alluring Potion Bottles IdleObject Replacers FiendishGhoul, jbvw Requires 'Alluring Potion Bottles v3' to replace default bottle in animation for drinking a potion
Alluring Wine Bottles jbvw New textures and icons for all generic drink bottles other than potions
Better Beer Bottles Laurinque Better-looking beer, ale, mead, and brandy bottles
Better Meat - Hammy McHamHam Edition Tchos, Malo Better-looking ham
Brew Houses of Cyrodiil-Alluring Bottles Version clintmich Adds 10 new beer brands and brewhouses with an Alluring Wine Bottles mesh & textures
CM Better Wine MarkQuinn Retextures all wine bottles (adds mesh for Shadowbanish Wine)
CM Better Wine - Shivering Isles MarkQuinn Retextures all SI wine bottles
DoofDilla's Potions Recolored Full DoofDilla, damimav Recolors models and icons, and sorts potions by adjusting names
Drinks of Cyrodiil Robot Chicken Recolors all potions, new textures for beer/wine/brandy
Fearabbit's Potion Replacer Fearabbit New potion containers; optional esp for name changes also
Ghorix' Better Bottles Ghorix Better bottle textures
Improved Fruits Vegetables and Meats Mikal33 Retexture of several foods
Insanity's Beverage Replacer InsanitySorrow High-res replacer, makes unique drinks unique
Intoxicant Improvement haydox Retextures all alcohol/potion bottles, alcohol has better labels
New Cyrodiilic Brandy Mesh csksc New mesh for brandy bottles
Oblivion Potions + DLC Patch 1/2 Colt17 Color codes all potions, standardizes weights (includes potions from Thieves Den)
Potion Bottles evercharmer New potion textures
Potions Recolored Addon DoofDilla Merges Ceano's Better Potion Bottles and Doof's Potions Recolored
RealitySpectre's Better Potions RealitySpectre New meshes for all potions and alcohol
RE's Better Drinks Regent Eagle New textures for all alcohol

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