Oblivion Items: Miscellaneous

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Gold Coins
Link Author Description Screenshots
AC gOld Coins heavywaters makes golds look used and abused with a low-poly mesh
Better Coins SamLake Enhanced mesh and larger texture for gold coins.
Gold - New Septims Hayzie Two new gold coin textures
Hammerfist Shiny Gold Hamacek Makes gold coins shinier
Russian Rubls Imperator3 Makes gold coins look like Russian rubles
Shiny Septims Painkiller_Rider Replaces all gold coins with new meshes and textures
Slartibart's Coin Replacer Slartibart 4 varieties, with updated UV map, textures, and meshes. ESP required to switch models
Twinkling Gold XMarksTheSpot Replaces default gold coin, adds sparkle effect
VA's Better Gold VagabondAngel Makes gold coins more detailed[1][2]
Yellow Gold Bedwyr Yellower gold coins[1][2]

[1] Reported incompatible with Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (OOO) v1.35.
[2] Reported incompatible with Oblivion War Cry - New Dimension (OWC-ND).

Soul Gems
Link Author Description Screenshots
Improved Soulgems Quarn Gives soul gems different colors
Leviathan Soulgems Star Boi Replaces meshes for greater and all filled gems, textures for petty/lesser gems (Inc. in OOO)
Leviathan Soulgems - Abridged Star Boi, David Brasher As above; adds particle effect/new icons
Oblivion Soulgems Colt17 Ayleid-style (glowing) soul gems; also makes them more powerful
Retextured Azura's Star watchinthewheels Retextured Azura's star
Soul Gem Replacer Leon Fangtooth Makes soulgems like Morrowind's
Vixyn's Tweaks Soulgems vixyn New meshes/textures for soul gems

Link Author Description Screenshots
Better Silverware Fearabbit Makes silver items look better
Better Unique Items Ferretmyster Collection of new textures for artifacts/unique items
Da Blood Skeleton Mod J3X Adds blood/dirt to all bones/skulls
Darker Garridan's Tears zBobG Makes Garridan's Tears darker
Darker Scales of Pitiless Justice Bronzebone MODs Makes scales gray
Darooz Art Supplies Darooz Hi-res textures for art supplies
Darooz Upperclass Clutter Darooz Hi-res textures for UC clutter
Dirty Bones ghostpowerelder Makes bones dirtier
Flower Patch Phaedra Removes green from edges of flower petals (bouquets/planters)
Glittering Prizes XMarksTheSpot Adds sparkling particle effects to coins/gems
High-Res Varla and Welkynd Stone Replacer Khettienna High-res textures for varla + welkynd stones
Hi-Res Pewter qwerty High-res textures for pewter items
Hi-Res Silver and Gold Clutter qwerty High-res textures for silver and gold items (also OOO items)
Improved Skulls and Bones and Ironwork hlvr High-res textures for bones + ironwork
JQ - Skeleton Key Jannix Quinn Skeleton key in the form of a skeleton
Non-Plastic Clouded Crystal Balls Tchos Makes all crystal balls look like clouded glass
Skeleton Key Retexture hlvr High-res retexture
Strotis Gothic Upperclass Clutter Replacer Stroti Gothic-style clutter resource
Walther's Better Gems Walther High-res textures for gems, nuggets, and gold coins
Welkynd and Varla Stone Retextures Ironman5000 Replaces the textures with brand new ones including diffuse, normal, and glow maps to 4x their original size

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