Oblivion Items: Statics

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Bedroll Texture Replacer dereko777 Replaces default bedroll textures with choice of colors/prints
Better Oblivion Barrels Running4Cover High-res replacer; gives each type a new apperance
Better ropes xrayy Hirez (512x256, 256x128) ship and harbour ropes
Castle Banner Replacer InsanitySorrow High-res replacer
Dark Brotherhood Black Hand Tapestry Replacer InsanitySorrow New, high-res textures
Dark Brotherhood Tapestry 01 HD Replacer FiendishGhoul 1024x2048 replacement textures
Dunbarrow Pirate Flag Reskin dieusurterre Retexture of the pirate flag
Grace Darkling's Rug Replacer Grace Darkling High-res replacer for all rugs
Grape Texture Change Chathurga Changes textures of grapes in tubs outside Skingrad
GR's Golden Gods Ghost_-_Ruler Makes all small god statues golden
High Resolution Hay Bale Textures Evandar High-res textures
Improved Candles Azhurel High-res textures; also choice of red, green, or grayish
Isathar's Improved Tapestries Isathar Better quality textures for tapestries and banners
Necromancer Banner Replacer InsanitySorrow New, high-res textures
New Saddles for My Horses zira Makes saddles/bridles appear more Western-looking
Painted Paintings Textures Laurinque Applies a filter to all paintings to make them look more authentic
Paintings 'n Tapestries Franc New images for paintings and tapestries
UC Wood Furniture Texture Replacer Kalikut Retexture of upperclass furniture

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