Oblivion Items: Weapons

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Akaviri Claymore Replacer Earrindo Makes all dai-katanas longer
Akaviri Sunderblade Request Dragonblade86 Retextured Akaviri Sunderblade
Alternate Glass Weapons Lemunde White and red glass weapons, not added to levelled lists
Alternative Akaviri Sunderblade Dragonblade86 Retextured sword
Archery Upgrade and Modification PacificMorrowind Longer arrows for OOO
Arrow Replacement Pack Grumblepunk Makes all arrows longer, changed slightly
A's Elven Sword Retexture Aelius28 Elven long/shortsword texture replacer
Bane's Blade of Woe Replacer Bane Replaces Blade's mesh w/Mehrunes Razor
Blade of Woe Replacer Allomerus Changes appearance, or changes appearance and tweaks stats (two esps)
Chillrend Replacer Da Mage Retextured Chillrend sword/scabbard
Complete Oblivion Texture Compendium - Weapons modman Edits all weapon textures
Dwemer Sword Bound By Birth Retextured dwemer longsword
Elven Bow Retexture Kyoshiro Mibu Makes elven bows more golden colored
Evil Umbra InsanitySorrow Darker retexture of Umbra sword
Fine Steel Armor and Weapons LewisDTC New textures for fine steel armor/weapons
Fine Weaponry Ion45 New meshes for fine weapons
Fine Weapons Windsurfer Makes all fine iron weapons look better
Gah Falquan Umarile Madcat221, Loth De Bonneville Replaces Umaril's weapon with an Ayleid meteoric version
Garak's Staff Replacer: Blood & Lightning Garak New meshes for damage health and shock staves
Garak's Staff Replacer: Fire & Ice Garak New meshes for fire and ice staves
Garak's Staff Replacer: The Artifacts Garak New meshes for daedric staves
Gold Goldbrand InsanitySorrow Makes Goldbrand more gold, darkens the hilt
Gold Goldbrand With Fire Effect InsanitySorrow As above, adds flame effect
Goldbrand Rapier Gabriel Gullbergh Turns Goldbrand into a rapier
Goldbrand Retexture watchinthewheels New texture for Goldbrand
Golden Elven Weapons Ger Makes elven weapons more golden colored
HD 4X Resolution Staves Rennn Hi-res staves
High Res Silver Bow Endor43 High-res textures for the silver bow
High Res Staff Totalgamefreak Replaces staff textures with ones twice as detailed
Improved Armory - Blackwater Blade InsanitySorrow High-res replacer
Improved Armory - Chillrend InsanitySorrow High-res replacer
Improved Armory - Daedric Weapons InsanitySorrow High-res replacer
Improved Armory - Debaser InsanitySorrow High-res replacer
Improved Armory - Silver Weapons InsanitySorrow High-res replacer
Improved Armory - Staff of Indarys InsanitySorrow High-res replacer
Improved Armory - Staff of Worms InsanitySorrow High-res replacer
Improved Armory - Thorn Blade InsanitySorrow High-res replacer
Improved Armory - Witsplinter InsanitySorrow High-res replacer
Iron Bow Retexture Tigershark13 Gives iron bow a more "used" look
Kobayashi's Anti-Hideous Ebony Weapons Kobayashi345 Redesigned hilts for all ebony weapons
Lemunde's Retextured Glass Weapons Lemunde Five optional colors for glass weapons - white, red, blue, dark purple, and black
Longer Arrows For SI Nicoroshi Makes arrows longer
RD Modified Elven Longsword Ryu Doppler Four different forms of the elven longsword
Red Volendrung InsanitySorrow Makes Volendrung dark red
Replacer Vanilla Weapons Tosky Changes appearance of iron waraxes/battle axes
Retextured Witsplinter watchinthewheels Retexture of Witsplinter
Rusty Items Windsurfer Makes all rusty items actually look rusty (inc. in OOO)
Sharp Amber Longsword Popcorn71 Makes amber sword look sharper
Silver Warhammer Lord Banewrath Sunblade Gives the silver warhammer two heads
Sparkling Enchanted Weapons MIRage All enchanted weapons have colored shaders depending on school of magic
Styx's Cooler Mehrunes' Razor styx31989 Redesigns blade to look better
Styx's Ebony Mace Retex styx31989 Replaces existing textures, or provides a new mace
Sword of the Gods Maafiaman Retexture of madness longsword
The Longer Arrows Mod Nicoroshi Makes all arrows longer
Translucent Glass Weapons Kilkakon Makes glass weapons translucent
Umbra as Souldrinker Skybolt Retex of Umbra sword
Umbra Reskin DrunkDwarf Gives Umbra modified fine steel longsword texture
Umbra Restored Kirel Retex of Umbra sword
UmbraX Xzarr Retexture of Umbra sword
Vagabonds Real Katanas Part 1 Vagabond Custom meshes for unique Akaviri Katanas
Visually Improved Staffs for OOO qwerty New staff textures for OOO staves
Welkynd Glass Sword Replacer The_Only_Janitor Makes all glass blades look more like welkynd stones, colorwise
Weapon Improvement Project InsanitySorrow aims (over time) to replace the vanilla weapon meshes and textures with completely new and more detailed replacements

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