Oblivion: Magic

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Link Author Description Screenshots
Advanced Summons luciander Changes most summoned creatures
Alt Life Detection Pepsi Changes color of life detect shader to green
Alter FX Slug Removes pink shader from Mysticism spells, and many magic effects that reduce FPS
Aznar's Life Detection Aznar Changes to Neela's Life Shader
Badder Spell FX alan0n Improves elemental spell FX
Beast Tongue - No Effect Eke 800 Removes yellow aura from creatures being commanded
Better Destruction Effect J3X Changes red Destruction effects to green
Better Ghost Spells yoyodamian Makes ghosts look better
Better Spells Aurablaz Changes casting/hitting textures
Better Summon Bear Effect J3X Changes color of Summon Bear spell effect
Better Summon Undead Effect J3X Changes summon undead spell effect
Better Turn Undead Shader J3X Changes turn undead shader to "something more holy"
Cererus Shield Effects Cererus Shield spells/effects have visible aura
Colored Shock Spells Pepsick Shock spells come in 7 different colors
Detect Life Change Neela Changes detect life shader
Detect Life Changer Neela Changes detect life shader (choice of 3 colors)
Detect Life Effect and Nighteye Shader kuertee New detect life/nighteye shaders
Detect Life X-Ray Vision DarkTyrian Changes detect life shader to x-ray glow
Enchantment and Hit Shaders bg2048 New shaders for enchantments and spell effects. [Note: Fire Damage Enchant shader requires fix. See this thread]
Enhanced Magic Effects Cristina Hi-res spell textures
Fierier Fire Spells Dr BrainDamage Improved textures for fire spells
Improved Fire Spell Animation Danis13 New visual effect for fire spells
Improved Fire Spell Texture dDefinder1 New visual effect for fire spells
Josef Grey's Natural Starlight Josef Grey Makes light from spells/effects a softer, more natural daylight color (inc. in LAME)
Kal's New Shock Lightning Spell Effects Kalamar Different lightning effects
Kasdar's Detect Life Shader Kasdar New detect life shader (magenta); shows invisible NPCs too
Less Green Light Spell mobiusarcher Dulls down green color from light spells
Less Obnoxious Detect Life candlemaster Tones down detect life shader
Less Overpowered Nighteye Zeroed New shaders, can place limits on vision
Life Detected tejon Variety of customizable detect life shaders
Light Spell Color Pack DarkTyrian Five different colors for light spells
Light Spell Recolor acidrain226 Five different colors for light spells
Luminars Better Enchantment Effects Luminar Nightblade Unique effects for each type of weapon enchantment
Magic Effect Dim Tandem Decreases all mesh-style magic effects by half
Magic Projectile Variants Dracula420 New FX for most spells (WIP)
McMuffin's Fireball Textures McMuffin Replacer for fire spell impact animation
Morrowind Style Enchantment Shaders J3X Makes all enchantment shaders look like Morrowind's
New Disintegration Visuals ??? New particle effect for disintegration spells
New Nighteye and Light Looks fawe4 Changes nighteye shader, makes light spells more reddish
Nighteye Shader Replacement Timeslip 16 replacement nighteye shaders
Nighteye Shader Switcher scanti Can switch between different shaders in game
Nighteye Shaders accurain Several replacement nighteye shaders
No Refraction Spells zBobGuy Removes refraction shaders from six spells
Poison FX Tarnsman Adds missing effect for poison spells/weapons
Reduced Detect Life Shadowrealm Reduces the size of the purple cloud effect
Shock Animation Change Alpha_Vortex Makes lightning spells a single bolt, changes color
Soolies Better Enchantment Effects Soolie "more magic looking" visuals of enchanted weapons
Spell Icon Replacer Forsaken32 Replaces many spell icons
Summon Daedric Portal Effect J3X Changes summon daedra spells so they appear to come from a portal
Visual Enchantment Effects (VEE) NameNotPresent Adds/turns on enchantment effects for weapons: frost-fire-lightning-Absorb-Soul Trap.
Visual Enchantments Antares Adds shaders to most magical weapons
visualshield riair Adds visual effect to the elemental shields
Visually Enchanted Absorb and Damage Effects Hoboville (title says it all) inspired by DarkTyrian and acidrain226 work
Visually Enchanted Customizer Fixed acidrain226 Select effects from DarkTyrian's "Visually Enchanted" mods, corrected
Visually Enchanted Pack 1 DarkTyrian pack of enchanted weapon changes
Visually Enchanted Paralyze Agesofb adds paralyze to the possible enchantments with visual effect options
Visually Enchanted Weapons 2.1 DarkTyrian visuals on enchanted weapons

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