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Link Author Description Screenshots
Anything Improved Ferretmyster Misc texture replacements for water splashes, banners, shingles, candles, tree billboards, etc
Better Blood Evandar Configurable amounts of blood spatter
Bomret's Detailed Normal Maps Bomret New and more detailed normal maps based on the vanilla ones with the same size and so the memory usage literally stays the same.
Blood Retex HTF Retextured blood
Blood Textures for Deadly Reflex Hentai Retextures blood for Deadly Reflex
Bloodier Deadly Reflexes the necroscope Makes blood for Deadly Reflexes lighter colored
Brighter Sparks Comit Larger, brighter sparks
Effects Enhancement Mod Matso Various effects that rely on OBGE
Fire retexture Lougian Hi-rez (1024/2048 versions) retexture of all vanilla fires
Gorier Blood dDefinder Makes blood more gory
High Res Tree Canopy Shadow sefmonsta colour-tint high resolution re-work of the 'New Shadows for Trees' mod by Obertier, designed to work with a larger iCanopyShadowScale setting
Improved Fires and Flames hlvr High-res fire/flame textures, new sounds
Improved Oblivion Gates Adam Geldersma Sharper colors for oblivion gates
Isathar's Normal-Mapped Cobwebs Isathar Hi-res cobwebs
Oblivion Graphics Extender Various Enables for greater display of graphics
OTUP Armor Retexture and More andreasgr Improved textures for most armor, stone, and grass
Plain Bump Maps -GandalfTheGrey Reduced size 'bump' (lighting) 'normal maps' ('_n.dds' files) for low-end systems. Trades off graphic detail for performance. File replacer, but NOT a generator.
Plain Normal Map Generator caractius Very small (312 byte vs 10kb+), plain lighting 'normal maps' ('_n.dds' files) replacer for low-end systems. Trades off graphic detail for performance. Comparison images on download site.
PyFFI Optimized QTP3 Meshes Fixed Exiztence Includes only necessary meshes for QTP3
Qarl's Texture Pack 2 and Parallaxed_qarl Qarl, dev_akm, Rulz QTP2 with 'Parallaxed Qarl textures v1.1' added. Note: superceded by QTP3 but might work better on stressed machines.
Qarl's Texture Pack III Qarl, Bangboomstik Original QTP3 4096x4096 res in OMOD form
Qarl's Texture Pack III & Variations Qarl, Bangboomstik, Bomret, dev_akm Alternate respository of QTP3 and variations like Redimized, Reduced, etc. at TAL site. Some as OMOD format
QTP Custom Road Texture - and More pk_ Some changed textures for QTP3 (includes QTP3 Redimized)
QTP3 Redimized Bomret, dev_akm Reduced/optimized textures are a complete replacement for the original QTP3. Also known as QTP3R, the primary choice of QTP versions.
QTP3 Redimized Reduced Bob Markinson, pk_ Repackaging removes 400+ textures from QTP3 Reduced that are the same size or larger than QTP3. Half size (2048x2048) of original QTP3 res. Requires QTP3 Redimized (3 versions: Lite, Regular, Max) installed first. (The choice if QTP3R is still too much for your system.)
QTP3 Reduced Bob Markinson Reduced some textures for QTP3 to half the size (2048x2048) of the original QTP3, which is also required. Three versions: Lite, Regular, Max. Superceded by QTP3 Redimized Reduced version.
QTP3-UOP 1.3 patch <unknown> UOP compatibility patch for QTP3 & variations
Realistic Normal Maps with Faked Terrain Shadows Gruftikus Landscape looks more 3-dimensional. Maps for vanilla, SI, UL, and Elsweyr in 1024 and 2048 resolution. Comparison images on download page
Really Textured Normal Maps skylarscarborough Hi-res normal maps for vanilla (textures are untouched). BAIN version on mirror tab.
Refined Fires dyramisty Hi-res textures for fires/flames
Retro Shaders for OBGE loclahosed Makes Oblivion look like an old-school game
Texture and Normal Map Resource Ryce Kaeks A Small .PSD resource file that contains textures With Normal Maps, for people who don't have the programs to generate them

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