Link Author Description Screenshots
Summer Skyrim 3 HD Ichibu Bright and colorful HD textures.
Summer Soldtheim HD Ichibu Bright and colorful HD textures for Solstheim.
Real Ice and Snow grVulture More realistic ice and snow textures

Caves and Rocks

Link Author Description Screenshots
Alternative Rock and Mountains 4K_2K_1K and watery Rock Yuril Mountain and rock textures in multiple resolutions.
AOF Detailed Mountains AnOldFriend Mountain textures in default and HD (double) res.


Link Author Description Screenshots
Skyrim Flora Overhaul Vurt High-res flora textures, includes summer edition.
TreesHD_Skyrim_Variation namotep HD textures for various wood and bark, intended for use with Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Glaciers and Ice

Link Author Description Screenshots
Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE Yuril High res replacer with multiple options, including various resolutions, bluer textures, duller textures.
Ice of Skyrim Crypton HD textures for glaciers and ice, includes low res version.


Link Author Description Screenshots
2K Road Snow Footprints Yuril Replaces the snowy road texture with footprints in the snow. HD (double) and default res available.
Alternative Snow Yuril Snow replacer, HD (double) and default res available.
HD 2k Landscapes Skyrim ErrorEncoding 2k terrain textures


Link Author Description Screenshots
WATER - Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux SparrowPrince Enhances water with all new textures, meshes, effects, general fixes, cosmetic fixes, and also new content.
Pure Waters Laast HD textures for water, double resolution and uncompressed. Optional rain ripples and water-related terrain textures.

Weather and Sky

Link Author Description Screenshots
AOF Fantasy Sun -Orange Lotus- AnOldFriend Stylized sun glare texture.
Climates of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting - Audio JJC71 Overhaul of all things related to weather.
Dramatic Clouds Anarin Gives clouds more definition, HD versions available.
Nicer Snowflakes evercharmer HD textures, quadruple the size of default. Various options.
Quality SnowFlakes HD 2 Yuril HD snowflakes, two options.
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